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Basic Info




Black Girdled Lizard




A small stone building outside of Volkhov


Ice Mage


(bio written by caby, bless her soul)

Fairbanks is a relatively short lizard with black, spiky scales and a serious expression. Her body is littered with occasional white scales, and her tail is covered with them, these are discolouration brought on by her experiments with ice magic.

She stands out quite starkly among the residents of Volkhov, as she is the only lizard in a community of thick-furred mammals and their bird companions. This is possible because of the fact she's been granted a rather rare blessing from the ice deity in which she is no longer affected by the cold, and is no longer in any danger of freezing. She still requires good sunlight however, and fills her home with glowing ground crystallum during the dark winter months to keep healthy.

Her fascination with ice first began as a young girl in Murad, where she'd watch the caravans carrying enchanted ice boxes arrive through the city gates. She had never experienced something so cold, and she marvelled at its powerful sensation. She soon began studying magic, and eventually went through a formal education at the University of Murad. After graduation, she spent many years travelling and honing her craft, until the day she received her blessing from the ice deity. It was at that point that she decided to make the trek to Volkhov to dedicate herself to ice magic.

Her fixation and her relatively isolated lifestyle mean she's quite a character, regularly mumbling to herself about new ideas and possible experiments. She can be a bit snappy, but she means well.

As a powerful mage, her talents are sought after by many, either for guidance or for protection. If she deems someone a suitable pupil, she's more than happy to teach them what she knows, bit by bit. She's not too interested in adventuring anymore, so requests to accompany people on quests are usually turned down, unless something of interest to her is offered. This usually means scrolls and items useful for her studies, as she's not too interested in gold.

A more recent project of hers has in fact focused on lightning magic, mixing it with her own ice magic to form bright, waving colours in the sky. It's a technique she's still perfecting, but Volkhov residents are known to venture out to watch her practice, as the cloudy waves of purple, pink and green hues are breathtakingly beautiful to see.

Some wonder what her intentions are with these experiments, as they don't seem to hold any specific purpose, but most who know her relatively well believe she's probably just doing it for fun, after a lifetime of life-risking adventures.