Reika Fujimori



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Reika Fujimori
Plant Mimicry
Student/Side Kick
UA High School 3-A, Kamui Woods
Hero Name
Mother Nature

"Thank you for taking the time to get to know me better~ It isn't much but I hope it'll be enough for us to get along. Come in, make yourself comfortable, but watch out for my babies, they're kind of all over. Feel free to ask about them!"


Reika is an incredibly sociable and outgoing person, caring more about others to the point that she puts other people's thoughts, feelings, and well beings far above her own. Needless to say, she is a dedicated, supportive, and helpful friend to those around her. When it comes to her underclassmen, she tries to be like that of a big sister; offering to help train with them, tutoring others, or just being a friend to go to. However, being the "big sis" doesnt just mean being nice. She takes it the whole nine-yards, even scolding if it seems required or necessary, but genuinely doing it because she cares about them all.

Her school work is an important aspect in her life, having high hopes to become a top hero one day and thus she is very studious about her school work and training work. Because of her quirk, she loves to garden to the point of almost obsession, with her entire room filled with plants she's grown herself, as well as many books on all kinds of plant and tree life (both out of interest and studying what plants and trees can do what to prepare her quirk). 

Despite her people person and honest with everyone personality, there is only one thing that does make her shy and that is her feelings for/crush on  Amajiki Tamaki.  She is overly embarrassed and shy about her feelings for Amajiki when forced to face them or someone asks her about her romantic feelings. Both nervous about telling him how she felt as well as afraid to ruin the friendship they have that took so long and so much effort to build by scaring him with her feelings. 








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  • Growing plants of all kinds
  • Sunny Days
  • Rainstorms
  • Taking Walks
  • Amajiki 
  • Too many cloudy days
  • Extremely Hot Weather
  • Plants Dying
  • Seeing plants mistreated or not cared for
  • Burning food when cooking

Quirk: Plant Mimicry

Reika can copy the attributes of plants within a 5-10 mile radius of wherever she's at. She can develop things such as skin like hard bark for defense, ability to survive underwater like seaweed, generate poisons or healing chemicals, grow fruits from trees nearby, produce spikes like cactus, etc. If a plant is completely dead, she can't mimic their abilities and the closer to death they are, the weaker the power for her is. In instances like this, she'll like carry specific plants around in pouches on her in her hero outfit, just in case. Alongside that, she is very much almost like a plant herself, needing water more than the average person and unable to stay out of the sun for too long of a time. She has to go out, take walks, and get sunlight or else she can get really sick, mostly only if she's gone without for a week.  


Satomi Mifune Fellow classmate at UA and one of her closest friends. The two often spend a goo deal of time hanging out outside of school, whether that be for studying, sparring, or just enjoying a girls day out. Reika admires her, her strengths, and enjoys the time they spend together.


Tamaki Amajiki Hardcore crush and later boyfriend. Reika fell for Tamaki their first year and sat on her feelings for him for a good amount of time, afraid to ruin their friendship with how shy he is. It wasn't until near the end of their third year together, and with assistance/pushing from Mirio, that she finally threw caution to the wind and confessed to him. Resulting in a mental overload for Tamaki, but somehow did find words/confidence to accept and the two began dating just after. 


Mei Akizuki A kouhai at UA and her own 'student'. They met through Mirio, who had been helping her with her Quirk, and somehow took the slime girl under her own wing as well. Reika sees amazing potential in her and wants to push her to do her best, sometimes seeing the doubt she has. Just like others, she acts like a big sister to her and, she wont lie, thinks she's p cute.


Home life for Reika growing up was a very simple life. Her parents had been been students at UA, where they had met and fell in love during their second year, and both had plans to go down the hero path. However, life ended up having them go down another path to which the two put their hero dreams aside, deciding to just be happy and have a life together instead. While the two graduated from UA and still had their hero licenses, instead they took to a normal life, marrying young, and having Reika shortly after their marriage began. As their only child, she got an limitless supply of love and support from her parents in all of her years. When her quirk first made its appearance, her parents did their best to encourage her, her abilities and telling her she could take whatever path she wished to in the future, that they would support and be there for her. A notion they always instilled in her and that she always held onto. 

It actually wasn't until her middle school years that Reika finally put a pin into the future she wanted to have for herself. During her elementary school and middle school years, she developed into the personality of wanting to be like that of a big sister to others. A protector, a shoulder to cry on, a helper, a guider. She found herself stepping in when situations would get out of hand, taking the time to direct people to the right path or thoughts, upholding rules and regulations with her places as class reps in middle school, even putting herself into fights to either break them up or finish them to protect someone being picked on. While she had always wrestled with the idea if being a hero was what she really wanted, it was finally then that she realized she liked to protect others. She wanted to be there for them, shield them, be someone worth trusting and looking to for help when it was needed. It finally clicked for her that, indeed, she wanted to be a hero. 

The rest of her time in her middle school years she remained incredibly dedicated to her studies as well as asking her parents to help train her, trying to up her chances by any means to be able to make it into the school they had attended at her age; UA Academy. Once she was done with middle school, she almost immediately went into the testing for UA. While the literary test she felt no issues, the physical test is where she felt she had struggled the most. Having never gone up against such mechanical beasts, she felt at a complete disadvantage for a good amount of the beginning of the test, using the last half of it to make a come back though still exceedingly worried she hadn't made it through. The worry was quelled when her letter from UA arrived and announced her acceptance to the school at the start of the next beginning school year. It was almost like a dream and her family celebrated that night. 

Her start to UA couldn't arrive quickly enough and she took to the school/hero course like fish to water. She slipped easily into the course, with her classmates, and working her way into great potential throughout the course. She became quick friends with those in the same year around her throughout the different courses, including a young man named Mirio Togata. A fun and optimistic guy to be around, it wasn't hard to, however friendship WAS a challenge with his friend, Tamaki Amajiki. Despite his anxiousness and shyness, she was determined to be his friend too, since he was so close with Mirio and she wanted to open her circle even more. Throughout the years at the school, she propelled forward in her hero work, working hard and taking on a roll to the underclassmen that would enter in the years to come. Despite the hard work, she always made time for them and soon adopted the title of "Big Sis" by a lot of her kouhais. As time went on, Reika watched Mirio and Tamaki move onto great ranks alongside another student in the hero course. Reika slowly made her way into being friends with Tamaki, a challenge in of itself. This, however, did cause a problem as she fell for him during this time in their first year. She got a chance to see beyond his anxiety and insecurities, how he lit up over the things he liked, the way he spoke of admiration for Mirio, and the small bits of him hidden behind the wall he set up for others. She was smitten almost immediately but being too afraid to mess up the friendship she had worked hard to get his trust in, she buried her feelings and never spoke of them. 

Mirio, however, saw right through her as early as the feelings had emerged and spent a great deal of time trying to convince her to just tell him, to which she continually just tried to deny it and move on. After all, starting an apprenticeship and side kick work for Kamui Woods early on in her third year and focusing on graduating took a great deal of time and effort for her, so she couldn't think about relationships, right? Yeah, of course! But, these excuses didn't last long before Mirio finally pushed her enough and got them together for her to finally confess towards the end of their last year; an event that was fluster inducing and anxiety ridden on both ends as Reika finally blurted it out. She was almost certain Tamaki would faint with the reaction he proceeded to have, able to be calmed by her and Mirio enough to respond to her, an acceptance to her confession barely legible through his stutters and mumbles, but an acceptance nonetheless, and the two became an item, just as the end to their senior year approached. 

Reika continues her studies and work as a side kick, on her way to becoming her own hero. While not in the same league as The Big 3, even with Mirio's accident, she feels she's at a pretty high up place herself with some good chances at a place in the Top 10 Pro Heroes one day. 


  • She always carries a back up, spare pair of glasses, just in case. 
  • Her room is filled with plants that have some smaller use to her quirk: Aloe, small fruit plants, herb plants, etc. 
  • She is president and founder of the gardening club on the school's campus, after petitioning to have a green house built.
  • Plants are her babies and she treats them as such, getting emotional when one dies and she has names for all the ones in her room and the green house. 
  • On the side, Reika tutors and helps trains all of her underclassmen if they come ask, as she has the title of Big Sis from a lot of them.
  • Her favorite flowers are star gazer lilies.  
  • Her ship names with Amajiki are "Reijiki" and "Sunflower"
  • She was very much a show off as a kid when it came to her quirk but she always had....incidents, where she would over mimic then get stuck and not know how to make things go away.
  • She currently is a side kick for Kamui Woods.
  • She has two ahoge pieces in her hair, one blond and one pink.
  • She always styles her hair into a rose piece on the left side of her head. However, when studying or at home, she puts her hair in a bun or french braid. 
  • She always wears her glasses except in her Gym uniform, wearing contacts for only that outfit.

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