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Identification Card



Credit goes to Slimefur for drawing this closeup picture of Sarah's face for her ID card!




Hair color:

6'4" (1.93 meters)

Name phonetics:
/ˈsɛɚ.ə/ (Sair-uh)


Date of birth:

Eye color:

ZSYud (CYXc)

 64981 Axdh Bndyt Dreoghj, apd er9y9, Sdgoi79bg, HT, x23r0n

This ID card is not a substitute for a driver's license! By law, this card must be turned in to the local police department if found lost from its owner.


Sarah's Personality


Sarah is very prideful, she looks to others with a condescending attitude as if she has superiority over them. She believes that she is prettier than others, and on that basis, that everyone else should give her special treatment. Sarah usually keeps away from others, since she doesn't believe many others deserve her attention. However, with this in mind, she knows how to get other people's attention, typically it includes by flaunting her body to others and making it very obvious that she wants attention. This strokes her ego. Sarah knows her place if someone calls her out, but typically this does not happen and others just let her act however she wants. Kiki likes to refer to Sarah as a "little girl" in a young woman's body, due to her behavior and immaturity.


Trivia About Sarah


  1. Sarah has a very hot temper which usually ends up with her throwing a tantrum or having a fit. She'll whine and stamp her feet on the ground just like a little girl would do.
    • This is how others see Sarah. Kiki thinks about Sarah as a "little girl", more specifically, a little girl that is stuck inside of a young woman's body.
  2. Sarah usually bothers Kiki in the most immature ways possible, such as clicking her tongue around her, or tapping her fingernails. Sarah does this when she's bored. Other times she complains about her work or how Kiki is too hyperactive when they pass each other.
  3. Sarah tried to become a model at the age of 20, but they rejected her. Surprisingly, this rejection only emboldened Sarah about her own perception about her own body. To this day, she has maintained her image about herself and her body.
    • Sarah was able to get side job that supplements her train ticket vendor/collector job. Though, she doesn't talk about it to Kiki and Lupe much since she likes to keep a lot of her own private information to herself, even though this other job pays her really well.
  4. Sarah has a purse that she takes with her wherever she goes. It's a small pink purse with a brass heart lock. She likes to keep the essentials in there, such as her portable makeup kits, and any other beauty products she can fit in it.
  5. To this current day, Sarah still does not know the truth about her mother and what happened to her.
  6. Sarah has an attitude where she acts like she's a form of royalty, like she's a princess. She would walk in a very regal fashion, but she would also pose to show off her appearances to other in a condescending manner. She believes that she deserves special treatment because she thinks that she's better than others. Kiki rolls her eyes when she sees Sarah act like this. This ends up irritating Sarah because she doesn't feel like she's being taken seriously.


Sarah's Appearance


Sarah lacks coordination, she cannot wear high heels without falling over.
Sarah is a tall caucasian girl with white skin, straight long blonde hair, and blue eyes. Sarah's favorite color is pink, so she makes sure that her waredrobe reflects that with her pink top, her pink miniskirt that cuts off at her upper thighs, all the way to her pink footwear. Even Sarah's nail polish and makeup are pink. This ranges from the sparkly pink lipgloss to her pink eyeshadow that she puts on her eyelids. Sarah likes getting people's attention using her body. She likes to wear revealing clothing to accentuate her body's looks, especially her large breasts. Sarah makes sure that her top is tight so it accentuates her breasts. She does this on purpse because the cloth squishes them closer, making them look bigger, making her cleavage look more defined, and so it shows stretch marks on her top to imply she has large breasts. Sarah is all about vanity when it comes to her appearance. On some days Sarah likes to show off her different wardrobe selections. This is just a fashion statement to the public that she stays as fashionable as possible. Though most of the time, she prefers to wear her usual pink attire because she feels like it compliments her looks the best.

While Sarah likes to change her appearance up a bit, she does not wear high heels! Sarah does has tried that before and she does not want to almost fall over again... Sarah has discovered that she has difficulty wearing high heels. She struggles to stand upright without losing her balance. She has attempted walking in them before, but every time she has attempted, she has fallen over. The most she can handle is a wedge underneath her shoe that is about 1 inch thick (about 3 centimeters thick).

These are the most notable images of Sarah, from various different artists! These images can be used as visual references of Sarah!!

Sarah's headshot
Sarah's headshot
Lupe's headshot
Lupe's headshot
Sarah's headshot
Sarah's headshot