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Drachma is a unique angel. Once a mighty Power, he was one of two hundred angels who fell in love with humanity and defected from Heaven. These angels, known as the Watchers, sought to breed and intermarry with humans and were branded heretics and traitors. They and their offspring wandered as Nephelim, unable to return to Heaven and unwilling to go to Hell. Drachma was the only watcher to ever be captured by the Heavenly angels. He was delivered via special, heavily guarded escort led by Azrael to Hell to be punished along with the usual influx of souls. Satan accepted him, eager for the opportunity to either taint or mutilate such a proud enemy.

Drachma’s divine body and soul were able to take far more and more severe blows than those of the mortals. He was impaled through the chest and crucified, and had stakes driven through his head, overseen personally by Satan himself. Drachma survived all of this, but his mind started to break. He began to laugh through his punishments, and thanking God and his angelic brothers for subjecting him to them. By official order, this was enough to qualify a soul for release to Heaven. Unsatisfied with the thought that Drachma could return to Heaven and regain his former status, he drove a new hole through the center of Drachma’s forehead, pressed the pad of his thumb to cover the wound, and released a strong burst of God’s energy directly into him through a spell. It rendered him blind and incapable of speech, only able to roar, growl, and utter guttural nonsensical phrases. The wounds he suffered in Hell are doomed to never heal, and to bleed freely for the remainder of his existence.

The angels were horrified to receive their fallen comrade in such a state, but deemed the punishment befitting of his crimes. As he was unfit for his previous station, they instead found an unexpected use for him. Where the angels normally carry out their own sentences, this takes their attention momentarily away from managing their regular duties with mortals and foreign pantheons. Drachma’s perfect storm of newfound sadism, masochism, bloodlust, and zealous hatred of the demons who tortured him made him the ideal executioner to their judge and jury. They send him to hunt down and kill the demons and Nephilim that have committed the most heinous crimes. He is a persistent, unshakable, and ruthless threat of Hell’s own making and finds no joy greater than that of humiliating and mutilating the demons left to him.