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Name Azazel
Age ???
Gender Male (he/him)
Species Dragon (Bellatori)
Pactbound Enzo Sinclair
Magic Focus White Fire, Necromancy
Can Shapeshift Yes
Rank Superior Greatwyrm
Theme Legend

Standoffish and bitter, Azazel is hardly a sociable personality, although his natural curiosity and willingness to learn helps him connect with others much easier than many would guess. He is fiercely loyal to Enzo Sinclair in particular, while staying a good distance away from most other living beings; however, over the course of his time fighting with the Heaven's Blades army and learning how to coexist with people, he becomes a lot more accepting of others' company and even learns to enjoy being around a variety of people. He needs to be seen as powerful and intimidating, though, because he feels vulnerable (or irritated) otherwise.

While he is very gentle towards Enzo after a time, Azazel harbors a deep-rooted hatred for the world, which was the cause of his initial isolation. Working with Enzo has led him to believe that the world is capable of change, but he remains wary and distrustful of it. He hates his own kin the most, for he knows that dragons scarcely crave anything other than their own gain and to satisfy their own pride. He understands this because he is one of them, even still.

  • Enzo
  • Learning
  • Sweets
  • Weakness
  • Condescention (aimed towards him)
  • Pointless things




Azazel grew up in a world where war was the norm and chaos was endless. Born with indescribably high amounts of mana, it did not take him long to secure his place in this world and gain his reputation as the strongest of all dragons, a title which many grew to fear...enough so that terrible legends and dark rumors were born until his name alone would terrify children and adults alike.

Tired of a world that revolved around pointless, petty squabbles for power, he claimed his territory deep within the northern mountains of Terra, where he could live alone, estranged from the noise and chaos of a warring world. However, the boy known as Enzo Sinclair would eventually show up in his life, and the two of the would form the world's first recorded dragonpact.

Azazel then assisted Enzo in raising an army and defeating formidable kingdoms in battle, although for a large part of the beginning, Azazel simply watched over Enzo as a means of testing his resolve. After defeating their final enemy, the Kingdom of Bellum, Azazel and Enzo formed the country of Aether through which they attempted to create a peaceful and kind world. This success was not permanent, however, and legend has it that Azazel would one day go berserk and attempt to destroy all of the progress that he and Enzo had made. What became of him after that, nobody knows.

Design notes
  • Azazel bears hundreds of black eyes on the insides of his wings, but when they're closed, they're nearly indistinguishable from the membranes.
  • He is covered in natural, bone-like armor.
  • When he shapeshifts, he usually takes on a human form that looks exactly like Enzo, except with white hair.

  • He started off not understanding how to change his hair color when shapeshifted, but after Enzo voiced that he liked how Azazel had white hair, the dragon decided to keep it from then on out.
  • It is also helpful in telling them apart, although people who do not see them often still sometimes get them confused.
  • Enzo taught Azazel how to dance, although he will only do so when no one else is watching, as he believes it is demeaning for a dragon to do something so frivolous.
  • Azazel once fought against another greatwyrm by the name of Tyrannus. The fight was a close one, and it was the first time that Azazel had ever shed blood for a human.

Enzo Sinclair Everything

At first, Enzo was nothing more than a mere curiosity; for a human to seek Azazel out in order to ask for assistance was something new for Azazel, and so the dragon decided to see where such an alliance would lead. Although highly skeptical, Azazel ended up being caught up in Enzo's honest dedication to create a new world, and became incredibly protective of him. Before he knew it, Azazel would come to think of Enzo as being what makes creating a new world worth it.

Tyrannus Arch Nemesis

Tyrannus is a dragon who claimed a territory near the country of Bellum, which bordered Azazel's territory up in the north. The brute is larger than Azazel and is perhaps the one other dragon who can match him in battle, and their squabbles for a time were always bloody and hateful. Although Azazel always came out on top, Tyrannus remained a thorn in his side until the very end.

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