Enzo Sinclair



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Name Enzo Sinclair
Age ???
Gender Trans Male (he/him)
Romantic Orientation Gay
Sexual Orientation Gay
Magic None
Weapon Longsword
Species Human
Theme song

Enzo is a kind and serious individual who dreams of world peace. He has always been somewhat quiet and reserved about his own thoughts and feelings, but his dedication and focus is eternally unwavering, burning under the surface of who he is. He doesn't always appear confident on the surface, and suffers from bad thoughts that try to tell him that everything he does will one day be pointless, but he perseveres and always does what needs to be done in order to achieve his dream. He is helpful and thinks of everyone he meets as a person, even the soldiers under his care, which has earned him the loyalty of most.

He is very close to Azazel, his pactbound dragon, and is the first human in known history to have forged a pact with a dragon the way kingdoms in modern Ultima do. It's with the power of a dragonpact that he ends the wars of Halosis and unites all countries under the banner of Aether.

  • Warm meals
  • Peace and quiet
  • People
  • Stubbornness
  • His insecurities
  • Deep water




Enzo was born several centuries in the past, back in a time which is now known as the Strife Era; an era where all of the countries of Halosis were engaged in a fierce and unending war with one another. Growing up here was difficult, and when he was an adolescent, his village was destroyed by an enemy army passing through. The few survivors of the attack fled out into the mountains of would-be Ultima, braving the frigid cold as they had no other options for survival.

Realizing that this pilgrimage was a death sentence, and overcome with the need to right the wrongs of the world, Enzo split off from his group and made way to the heart of the mountains by himself. His goal: to find Azazel, a nightmarish dragon who was said to have claimed this territory, slaughtering any who trespass.

He found him, and in his exhaustion and desperation, pleaded for the power to bring peace to Halosis. Inspired or intrigued by this frail human's determination, Azazel forged the world's first dragonpact; forever linking the two of them together. They then proceeded to gather an army and fought against the world, conquering countries and uniting them under the banner of the Kingdom of Aether, putting an end to the Strife era.

Design notes
  • Enzo gains the white streaks in his bangs after forging his pact with Azazel.
  • Although he is optimistic and charismatic, Enzo often looks worn out and tired, and his body is covered in plenty of scars and bruises from the tough life he's lived.
  • His role in the story spans a few decades, and so his design is subject to change depending on how old he is.

  • Although he is charismatic and friendly, he isn't always a saint; he struggles with anger that is thinly veiled as justice. This comes out the most when people he care about get hurt.
  • Although he becomes the king of Aether, power isn't something he wants, and he doesn't allow his status to keep him from the battlefield.
  • His pact with Azazel gives him access to Azazel's magic, but he doesn't use it often; he relies on his enhanced senses more often.
  • The pact also causes some adverse effects, such as fainting; Enzo thinks fondly of the effects still, considering they're proof of the gift Azazel gave him.

Azazel Pactbound

Azazel, although only helping him at first to satiate his curiosity towards Enzo, ended up deciding that Enzo was worth sticking around for; a sentiment that Enzo has always kept close to his heart as a means of reassurance. The two of them grew very close during their battles and time together, and Enzo thinks of Azazel as his most trusted and dear partner. Enzo finds Azazel's curiosity towards human culture - and his ignorance of it - to be endearing, and finds great comfort in Azazel's company and dedication to him.

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