Tsung-Han Lai



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  • Tsung-han Lai

  • Talent Kannushi
  • pronouns He/him
  • age 18
  • height 5'1"
  • playlist

Skittish • Immature • Curious


Tsung-han Lai is a meek but curious boy. Not particularly used to people, he does his best to please everyone he encounters, even if doing so is uncomfortable or particularly unnecessary. He’s skittish, and dislikes being the centre of attention- seemingly content with having... just about no friends at all. (Outwardly, at least.)

A bit of a coward, Tsung-han is fast to try and diffuse awkward or argumentative situations to avoid conflict, however he’s just as likely to run off and let someone else deal with arguments as he is to try and help. However, online here’s someone different entirely! Apathetic and rude, Tsung-han simply goes by Lai online and thrives when arguing and causing fights. He claims he’ll do whatever people request for money.

height 5'1"

build D4

pronouns He/him

orientation ???

dob 20th of November

sign Scorpio

ethnicity South Korean

occupation Kannushi


Standing at 5’1, Tsun-han wears semi-traditional shine maiden clothing. Though he wears the typical hakama and kosode expected of those in his profession; his hakama are dark red instead of the typical crimson- as is his stylized kosode.
His hakama reaches the floor, and when he walks it can be seen that instead of the formal slip on shoes expected of him, Tsung wears plain black converse instead.

Under his kosode Tsung-han wears a bodysuit made for warmth in cold climates, similar to one made for dance in appearance and fabric, however his is much more insulating. This shirt covers his arms down to his thumbs, and is held in place by loops around his thumb and ring finger. Around his waist are two layers of waistbands to hide the top of his hakama; a pure white one hidden and held in place by a red one which is slightly lighter red than the rest of his outfit, matching the lining of his kosode, and is tied behind him in a tidy bow. A loop of beads are tied around his waist as well; and they click against each other lightly when he moves.

His hair is exceptionally pale blond, seeming white unless seen in daylight. Though hard to see without natural lighting, he has a white streak of forelock hair which he wears swept to his left side. He wears most of his hair cut short- to neck length where it flicks out and upwards- in contrast to the front of his hair which he keeps long, and always tied up neatly with red bows and golden bells. With how long Tsung-han has worn this uniform, he's come to tune out the sound of the bells so near his ears, which everyone assumes must annoy him to no end until they see how unbothered he is by them. Thung’s skin is pale, as are his eyelashes and eyebrows. Across his cheeks are two neatly painted on red stripes- which are accompanied by faint red eyeshadow.

Check the comments for the textures on his outfit!






Uniform 2

Face paint

Public Backstory

Adopted from South Korea when he was only months old, since his father’s passing Tsung Han has dedicated his life to the shrine he now owns. Tsung Han has worked hard to care for the desolate shrine to return it to its former glory despite its hard to reach location, and has turned down offers to leave the mountains to receive a formal education multiple times in order to dedicate his life to repairing the shrine to its former glory.

Due to the labour travelling to his shrine takes, there are very few interviews with the ultimate- though people who go to visit the shrine often make the hike just to meet with him! On average, the journey is at least a two day walk through deep mountainous woodlands, and technology is banned within the small compound. Those who visit express repeatedly the beauty of the location, and soon see great fortune in their lives after one of his rituals.

Though he now owns the shrine, it’s noted he still participates in the Miko duties of those who work below him; and he has several times discussed that this is because he does not wish to elevate himself above those who work under him- despite his status as Kannushi.

Talent Acquisition

Tsung-han is said to have inherited his talent from his father, taking over as the head of the shrine they lived and worked at after his passing. Though talents aren’t actually passed along in such a way, as the first person to bear the title of Ultimate Kannushi it’s said he took over the talent from his father due to the previous Kannushi’s fame from years before the Ultimate program was instated.


  • Speaks Korean and Japanese.
  • Uses hearing aids.
  • Has a white streak of hair on his left side.
  • He's FTM trans:)


  • Cheap kids toys
  • Attention
  • Dancing
  • Swords


  • Being touched
  • Stupid questions
  • Tourists
  • Poor Wi-fi

Ryūnosuke Lai

[ Father ] The original Kannushi of the shrine, his father.

Recognised worldwide as one of the leading voices in the international Shinto community, little had been heard of him after his wife's passing now nearly two decades ago- and many were devastated when it was up to Tsung-han to break the news of his passing.

Ji-hyo Merryweather

[ Boyfriend ] The ultimate Children's Counsellor.

Ji-hyo and Tsung-han met online, and spent much of the first several years of their friendship bickering and playfully bullyinhg one another. Ji-hyo was one of the first people Tsung-han got close to after losing his father, and as a counsellor, Ji-hyo was thankful he could provide some support to his friend.

Though they've yet to meet in person, they care about eachother a lot! Tsung-han was the first one to suggest they send eachother letters, due to his poor internet, and they've been sending eachother mail frequently erver since.

This relationship doesn't carry over into roleplays!

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