Milo's Ownership

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Character Permissions

Can be regifted
Can be retraded
Cannot be resold

Design Terms of Use

VicekillX Global Rules
All characters, species, and headworlds belong to Alexandria Hayes/VicekillX, and were designed by them, unless otherwise stated. No one may use these characters in any way, including but not limited to roleplaying, website avatars or banners, and non-gift commissions or prints, without express written consent of the character's owner. No one may profit off these characters or designs via reselling, selling prints or other merchandise, etc without express written consent. Fanart/gift art of these characters is welcome. Certain characters MAY NOT be drawn in adult situations, or may only be drawn in adult situations with certain other characters. Please respect these rules. Please keep all art, drawn or paid for by you, in-character.