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Frozen desserts, watermelon, soda, the aesthetic of diners, toothpaste (just the appearance of it, though she also enjoys being clean!), bubble baths and hot tubs, summer, school, the beach, swimming, making new friends, a good fight, working out, boxing, cool sneakers, fancy-looking water bottles, cheering people on, reality competition shows (Survivor is her favorite), shorts (they're comfy and easy to wear), bubblegum.


Solid foods (it takes a long time for her body to digest anything that doesn't just melt, which means less room for ice cream!! who cares about being full??), smug jerks who like to put people down, when her tongue gets stuck to popsicles, wearing skirts or full pants, water bottles that you can't squeeze, when there's a garbage can but no recycling bin so you just have to throw your water bottles in the trash and live with the guilt for the rest of your life, people who don't at least try to do something before giving up, obviously scripted reality shows, when people drag someone completely unrelated into conflicts.

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Piragua "Pira" Melancia

Basics:She/her pronouns. Undecided age; previously listed as 119 years old. Born December 12th.
Obtained:June 5th, 2016

A dragon whose hot-bloodedness contrasts sharply with her ice magic and penchant for frozen desserts. She hoards so many frozen treats that she gets soul energy from it, in fact, making her classified as a greed demon. Pira's better known for being everyone at Hell College's Cool Big Sis though, encouraging underclassmen along and always willing to take time out of her day to train them and/or beat up their bullies. When not in classes or working at her frozen yogurt shop, she's part of a mysterious organization known as S.P.O.R.T.S.. Pira's dating Oni and spends entirely too much time hitting on her and showing off for her.

old wip stuff:

|| - Personality - ||

pira is hot-blooded, energetic, and enthusiastic about everything she does. she never half-asses anything unless it's part of a strategy to full-ass something later. that's a term now. she doesn't like being inactive for too long and likes to seek out new challenges. she's a graceful loser and knows that failure is just a natural part of eventually Winning! she always respects people sharing her time with them unless they're total smug dicks about beating her in any given thing, in which case she only becomes more motivated to kick their ass!!!

though her fiery attitude and nigh-constant use of profanity leads people to find her a little intimidating, she's actually pretty easy to get along with. she's kinda like everyone's cool big sis: she's always there to help you out, will beat up everyone who's a jerk to you, and is always willing to listen. she fiercely believes in anyone she takes a liking to - which is just about everyone, honestly, especially those who are younger and/or weaker than her - and will constantly motivate them to follow their dreams and destroy their enemies!!!!!

|| - Backstory - ||

still figuring things out here but like... i figure she was a criminal somewhere and changed her name when she skipped town at some point and that's why her name is a puerto rican frozen dessert and the portuguese name for watermelons, because she's a dork. so much of a dork is that the reason she'd be a criminal is for stealing ice cream. i'm not talking like shoplifting here my dudes i'm talking about massive, elaborate ice cream heists. i'm talking holding ice cream factories hostage. you mustn't forget that she's a full-asser!!!!

either way she eventually wound up being invited to hell college and idk if she's a freshman but i'm kinda leaning toward her being an upperclassman so she can give all of the Fresh Meat(tm) advice and believe in them and whatnot. she's part of the SPORTS program, which is a thing. that's right, not just sports, it's SPORTS. i don't remember what it stands for but SPORTS is a big deal at hell college

i'll probably come up with more stuff once my gf and i talk about our shipping feelz more bc that's always good inspiration and motivation for character development

|| - Powers/Abilities - ||

pira is a MOTHERFUCKING DRAGON who can turn into an actual rad huge dragon form, but this takes a lot of energy out of her so she'll usually only reserve that skill for when she really needs it.

pira has an ice affinity, so she's cold to the touch. she can breathe ice, materialize it out of thin air, freeze things, and manipulate any ice present in the area. she's working on branching out this skill to include things like snow and maybe even water someday; she's not gonna settle for being anything less than the best!! good friend to chill (heh) with during the summer!!

as a member of SPORTS and all, she's got a lot of training in a lot of areas. her species makes her stronger, more durable, and quicker than many other beings, but thanks to her schooling she's also got fighting skills, good reflexes, endurance, and highly values the power of teamwork!

she's also a greed-class demon, which means that she gains exponentially more energy from souls based on her hoarding habits. aside from her soul collection - which is surprisingly large for someone so "young" and not particularly ominous - she also has a vast collection of every flavor of every brand of every kind of frozen treat going on and won't settle until she's got them all!! most people wouldn't take such a collection seriously, but any proper demon knows that greed-class demons aren't to be underestimated...

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