Cole Voronin



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Name: cole voronin
Age: 19 years
Gender: nonbinary (he/they)
R/O: biromantic
S/O: demi-bisexual
Alignment: noxi
Theme: Hands
D.o.B. november 18
Zodiac: scorpio
Status: single
Height: 5'06" feet
Role: antagonist
Owner: Temorali
Designer: Temorali







  • technology
  • brain puzzles
  • individuality
  • his comrades
  • strong sweet tastes
  • himself
  • loud arguments
  • nightmares

This world is cruel. It hurts. I know that better than anyone. But I'll still fight for it to the end.


Cole's life, although short so far, has been very difficult for him. Due to his childhood, he struggles with his own self-worth and suffers from depression, often manifesting itself in self-deprecation and a negative outlook on his life. However, he doesn't think that life itself is inherently bad; in fact, he fights to protect what he thinks is the ideal world that he believes in. He has a very strong heart in a lot of senses and is very emotional, expressing himself very openly, as most of the time it's impossible to control himself when he feels things. He doesn't like to lean on other people very much and tends to want to handle problems with his own two hands, even if those around him would rather he not. He has a hard time trusting people of authority, but is surprisingly trusting of those who appear to have good intentions.

Cole was born to an average-class family in Noxi, although he wasn't average at all. He was born with a rare medical condition known as Congenital Insensitivity to Pain, which means that he cannot feel physical pain or extreme temperatures, which is rather dangerous if he isn't careful. His parents, however, decided to use his condition as an excuse to vent their pain, saying that "if he can't feel the pain, then they're doing nothing wrong." As a result, Cole grew up with a weak body, exacerbated further by the fact that he got minimal nutrition. He would spend a lot of time at his neighbor's house with his friend, Nadezhda, who took care of him when his family was acting up. As Cole grew up, he managed to get away from his family and took an interest in technology and computers, eventually harnessing that power to become a successful hacker. As the war between Noxi and Luxi grew more fierce, though, he decided to form a small hacking group called the Crows that grew into a larger, weaponized force that assists Noxi off-grid in fighting Luxian forces. He fights for them in an attempt at protecting the world's freedom of individuality first and foremost.


Cole is the lead antagonist of Time of Death: The Endless War, and we often see his perspective as he navigates the war between Luxi and Noxi, as well as his multiple appearances as Kit's squad gets closer to stopping him.

While he may be the antagonist, Cole merely supports a different mindset and set of values than those who live in Luxi. It is his many clashes with Kit that bring to light the state of the world and test their convictions.


Kit Summers
[ rival ]

Kit and Cole will come to clash against one another several times as they pursue their ideals. Although they both share animosity towards one another, they agree that if they had met under different circumstances, they could have been friends.


[ childhood friend ]

Nadezhda- who Cole often refers to affectionately as Naddy- was Cole's next door neighbor growing up. They've been inseparable ever since childhood, and rely on each other emotionally often.


[ advisor ]

Sasha joined forces with Cole shortly after his group was created, and uses his military expertise to offer assistance to him and guide him in proper plan-making. Sasha has also become something of a father figure to Cole, although the latter wouldn't ever admit it.

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