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As the integral gravity structure, Quantum is the living embodiment of it and all related imagery, memetics, and concepts. Gravity exists because Quantum exists, and he is an overpowered reality warper due to this.

It's only recently that Quantum's tasted freedom, and he'd rather kill the unkillable than return to victimization.

For most of his life, he was a victim of trafficking, picked up by black market sellers and traded around until he fell into the lap of an arena lanista, who trained him in the art of combat and enrolled him in gladiator fights in the Frag underground. With this being all of his understanding of the world and life, Quantum fell into step.

The sudden interjection of Magnotris during one of his fights resulted in Quantum's freedom, and in a rush, the introduction of him to the Magnitude Fragments: a crew of all-powerful, reality warping gods. They welcomed him - not out of the goodness of their hearts, but because he was one of them - an integral structure of the world, vital to its survival. He was a deity, just like them. And the entire world unfolded before him.

His trauma kept him sequestered, as he struggled to open up to the others. Though it was incredible, and he was grateful, it was hard to cope with the sudden utter freedom and choices laid before him. Rather than fully embrace his new identity, he instead helped create and subsequently fell into the shadow of Devy, taking care of the other and their house. Domestic work is, after all, familiar and safe.

But when Juice - proprietor of the black market and arena, considered the upwater source of Quantum's abuse - showed up on the Mags' doorstep, claiming he was one of them, Quantum's world came crashing down again. And, when the others welcomed Juice, new feelings of abandonment filled his chest.

Biographic Information

Name Quantum

NicknamesQuantie (don't)


Height tiny

BirthdayPyrldan 30



Occupation crafting juice contingency plans

Affiliation Magnitude Fragments

Affinity Gravity

Fun Stuff


Associated Animal(s)Ovis

AlignmentLawful Evil


Primary Theme ♬Good House

Secondary Theme ♬Peacemaker

Tertiary Theme ♬Mercenary

Values his independence and autonomy above everything except Devy. Abrasive; scared of losing self to others' control again. Dumps others when he feels threatened or abandoned. Is careful to avoid being cruel, but is vocal about his thoughts and aggressively sets his own boundaries.

Enjoys being the instigator of a group; likes pushing others into doing spontaneous, exciting things he thinks they'd enjoy. Likes being the "older sibling" among his peers. Protective of those he cherishes, wants them to feel freedom (especially from consequences). Extremely loyal once his walls are worn, and would fight to the death for anyone he dedicates himself to. Losing that loyalty is exceedingly difficult. Values others above self.

Happy to dedicate himself and his life to Devy. Feels relieved when Devy is around, thinks of him in times of distress, and pushes himself to try to develop and grow for Devy's sake. Easily waves off Devy's faults. Takes Devy's insults with an unbothered shrug. Gladly would spend rest of life doing Devy's bitchwork.

Interests trend along the dubiously-legal, but never at anyone's direct expense. Enjoys fighting against, vaguely, the wealthy and establishments (graffiti the office building!), but would balk at harming small business or individuals. Won't mug someone on the street, but would absolutely steal a car from a rich guy. Spits on authority and their expectation of respect; backtalks and intentionally disobeys.

Petty, holds grudges. Puts people in boxes in his head and becomes frustrated when they move out of them. Rarely, if ever, forgives transgressions, but looks to karma for revenge and closure. Struggles to accept responsibility for things that are genuinely his fault; resorts to excuses and blame-shifting.

Enjoys being used and feeling useful. Tries to bury those feelings with self-generated worth. It's a long climb.

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Devetougao    (REASON TO LIVE??)
Devy is grounding for Quantum, and his sole center of existence. WIthout Devy, he has nothing to work towards or try to move forwards for. All of this was spurred on by the fact that Devy's existence is owed to Quantum. Never can Devy do any wrong, even if he's being... influenced by degenerates like Proximity and Juice.


Farley    (friend)
Farley was always a snitch and a little annoying with his whole "b-but the others will be upset with us!", but then he got in cahoots with Juice. Just like everyone else in Quantum's life, yay. Farley still tries to talk to him, but the well's a bit poisoned, mate. Or, so Quantum acts - but in reality he still harbors a lot of fondness for Farley.


Magnotris    (friend)
Not super close, but holds Magnotris in high regards. Feels like he owes everything to the other. Infinitely grateful and keeps in touch often. Finds him to be a good motivator, even if sometimes he's a little... well, sometimes they can both let each other's anger issues spiral. But it's alright. They don't hang out often.


Vodovorot    (friend...?)
Vodo's stupid, but he's not mean. Quantum can accept that, though he finds Vodo's incessant compliments and seeming lack of... intelligence? - to be nerve-grating when he's in a poor mood. The guy at least listens when you tell him to fuck off, at least. Despite his reservations about Vodo, Quantum will defend him in an instant.


Jedanaestougao    (friend)
Though they don't really bump into each other often, Quantum considers Jedana to be nice and reasonable (and in need of protection). Quantum wants to go older bro on Jedana's ass, but Jedana goes mom friend on his ass and they end up in a feedback loop. Sadly, Jedana refuses to do anything even slightly illegal. :/


Zmeya    (acquaintance)
If Jedana is around, that means Zmeya's probably up his sleeve or something. Quantum doesn't talk to him much - and he seems too anxious for Quantum's tastes - but he doesn't mind him, especially since Jedana obviously loves him a lot. By proxy, he does  want to make sure Zmeya's safe, but Jedana seems to have it under control.


Trapetsiya    (friend)
Trapetsiya is nice, gives him chocolate, and doesn't ask a lot of annoying questions like "are you recovering" and "do you need therapy". So he's actually pretty nice to hang out with, and the trinkets he's got are kinda fun to learn about and hear stories of. He's especially good as a distraction when Devy isn't home.


Srce    (mom)
Srce is very, very doting. Meeting Srce was Quantum's first exposure to someone being absolutely adoring of him, and he never quite got over it. So whenever he's upset or mad, he cries on Srce's shoulder, and is in regular contact with the other as a sort of parental figure and caretaker. She's the only person Quantum really listens to.


Affine    (acquaintance)
Affine and his attitude confuse Quantum. Sure, some people are just naturally meek, but Affine has no reason to be? He can't really hold a grudge against Affine for it, but it does grate on Quantum's nerves and he tries to avoid the other, even when Affine reaches out. Sorry, no hard feelings. He passively looks out for Affine, though.


Dijamant    (ex-friend)
Dij was interested in Quantum, then Juice showed up and his attention got totally refocused onto that ass. Quantum's still sore as fuck about it - not that he liked Dij that much in the first place, but he lost to Juice. And, well, maybe Dij's popularity got under his skin, and some jealousy set in from that, too....


Zehneck    (acquaintance)
Zehneck asks a lot of stuff that Quantum doesn't give a shit about, like "do you believe in the morality of blood sport as a leisure activity". He never pesters for answers, thankfully, but it still sat him pretty low in Quantum's books. Go away. And please learn the merits of shutting up, because stars do you need to memorize them.


Kolo    (you used to be cool)
Kolo seemed reasonable and smart to a degree (despite him punishing Quantum for making Devy). Then Juice showed up and they somehow, someway, became friends. Then he started pushing harder for people to accept Juice as one of them, and that was the turning point when Quantum stopped giving a shit about Kolo's opinion.


Proximity    (marginally tolerable)
Prox is only a fraction more tolerable than Juice by mere fact of that he's less loud, less mean, less cruel, and less involved in the whole illegal stuff. So yes, objectively, Prox is a bit better. But that's all the grace he gets, and he's otherwise awful and Quantum hates him with all his might. Go the fuck away, you jackass.


Juice    (planning to kill)
Scum of the earth. The fact that anyone welcomed Juice into their arms after all he's done is abhorrent (thanks, Kolo). The fact that Devy likes Juice is heartbreaking. The fact that everyone seems so willing to befriend and listen to Juice breaks Quantum into pieces. The Mags were supposed to be good, empathetic people, right... ?



Magninium Manipulation
Reality Warping
Appearance Manipulation


Gravity, density, strength, stability
Self-sufficiency, power, movement
Rigidity, guilt, avoidance, excuses

Power: to break free

Tarot Card: Page of Pentacles

Timeline: -

Name Origins

"Quantum" is in reference to quantum gravity.

In Fights

He used to do this for a living.

Quantum's body is naturally incredibly dense, and it's nearly impossible to pick him up, knock him over, or send him flying. His punches/kicks hurt like hell, backed by massive amounts of g-forces. He can break just about anything with his bare hands, and will definitely shatter bones into a billion tiny pieces if a hit lands. And though he's heavy as fuck, he's actually pretty swift, so most of his punches land. He doesn't wield weapons, because he doesn't need to.

But years of magic being "iffy" to include in matches has left Quantum out of practice with his own arsenal. He still uses it, but he's nowhere near as skilled as he is with melee and usually uses it as distraction or as shielding. He doesn't normally think to heal or reality-warp.

The trick is to be unpredictable and untouchable, since Quantum heavily relies on experience and has little to no creativity. Of course, if he manages to grab you, it's all over then. And, of course, he's extremely experienced and talented, so it's a long shot anyways. Out-magicking him is viable, but that's only if you can keep distance.

It's best to just not fight him.

Living Spaces

A small house, on an oasis of green amongst the open badlands plataeus.

Inside, it's remarkably clean, though there aren't many possessions to make it look messy in the first place. Quantum regularly vacuums and dusts, but not much accumulates in his house in the first place. The ambient temperature is slightly on the colder side, so he'll turn off the air conditioning if guests ask. Every room has white walls, with the carpets and drapes a rainbow of colors.

The garden is very well-tended, host to a variety of fruits and flowers, and there's a nice sunroom for some small succulents and other drought-tolerant plants. Hanging planters line hallways and boxes are tucked against window sills. The number of hours dedicated to these plants is immense, and Quantum can chat about his gardening tips and his plants for hours.

Some might call it "quaintly mortal". It's a little jarring, after you've spent the day with him encouraging you to get a ridiculous tattoo and hotwire a new car.

The random, out-of-place trinkets and stuff on the floor belong to Devy. So do the bugs. Please, Devy, put them in your room or your house. Please.

Public Perception

Unknown as a Mag to 99.9% of people. Jubilee has requested that information stay on the down-low.

In the fighting rings - when he was a part of them - feared for battle style and hated for the fact that he never lost matches. Near the end of his career, barely participated because of such. Little was known about him personally. Everyone was pretty grateful he'd been removed, even if it meant the COR stuck its nose in.

Loved and cared for among the Mags, even though he's not sure he likes them back. Accepted faster than they accepted Juice, much to his petty delight.

Self Perception

I don't want to think about that. I'm pretty sure I'm a good person (better than Juice, anyways).

Ribbons & Awards



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Favorite Color(s)

Favorite Weather

Favorite Food(s)
wtf? he's not a fetishist

  • Strongest sense is touch; strongest taste is bitter
  • Ambidextrous (prefers right)
  • one day i'll write proper trivia for my ocs

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