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As the integral weak nuclear force structure, Proximity is the living embodiment of it and all related imagery, memetics, and concepts. The weak nuclear force exists because Prox exists, and he is an overpowered reality warper due to this.

As Juice is a man of extremes and eccentricities, some might look at his life partner - Proximity - and breathe a sigh of relief upon noticing his laxer posture and friendlier smile. But looks are deceiving: Prox is just as high-energy and observant as Juice, but crippled with an illness that makes him dependent on outside validation to function. In other words, he knows he can't exactly play the feral powerhouse persona.

For every insult, snub, disregard, or slight Prox suffers, bits of his body flake away and immobilize him. Even passively ignoring Prox adds to the damage - the only way to reverse it is to feed him positive validation and affirmation, usually in the form of verbal compliments and physical touch. 

As such, he's had to adapt himself quickly to others - working as Divinity's PR manager and the face of the operations, putting on a bubbly, bright, approachable, and friendly demeanor. Unable to say "no" for fear of the repercussions, he's had to turn himself into a doormat to survive. With a strong-willed, stubborn interior, the cards the world's tossed at him have left his perspective sour, and he's secretly resentful of most people.

Because, really, it isn't fair. He didn't do anything wrong to be saddled with a curse like this, and every situation where he tried to stand up for himself only resulted in more pain and suffering - all on him. Revenge is out of the question. And he can't trust anyone but Juice - his partner, and the only one who's ever stuck their neck out for him. One day, he'd just like to live somewhere nice and secluded with Juice forever, and finally be himself.

Biographic Information

Name Proximity

NicknamesProx, Mimi


Height medium




Occupation juice wrangler

Affiliation Magnitude Fragments

Affinity Weak Nuclear Force

Fun Stuff


Associated Animal(s)Lagomorpha

AlignmentChaotic Neutral

Primary Theme ♬Vertical

Secondary Theme ♬Cobwebs

Energetically has the vibe of someone larger-than-life, whose life is so much more idealized and interesting than yours and complex, but without a veneer of pretentiousness. Doesn't really come off as a politician - or a manager, really. Gives off the impression he's just your enthusiastic, friendly neighbor, always willing to help.

He never seems to dump his problems on you, never seems to complain about anything you weren't already upset about, always has good advice to say and comfort to give in spades, and always does the socially-accepted behavior in groups. The only real complaint you can have about him is that maybe he's a bit too bubbly and a bit too shallow, but those flaws pale in comparison to the good he puts out.

Prox tries to ignore the severe dissonance between this persona and his true self. Despises it, even.

Bottled, rotted contempt and cynicism poison most of his inner idealism, though it shines through in dire moments. Struggles to empathize with others on a deeper level and distastefully disparages others when drunk off validation. Handwaves his faults - the suffering he's been through excuses it all. Refuses to articulate to friends about his struggles with validation - there's no point, he thinks; resents them for not understanding anyways.

Hates getting close to people, as it opens more doors for them to hurt him, but can't risk telling them off or letting them down even nicely. Is disgusted with how much hatred and annoyance rule his inner thoughts, but struggles to find things that lift him out of the bog. Wants to live for himself, but has no idea how to accomplish that. 

Happiest when in the smallest possible group of confidantes, that he knows won't hurt him. Inherently distrustful of people, but when he feels his effort and loyalty are being returned, he'll wholly vouch for them. Desperate to keep people close he loves. Would be traumatized if any of them left him.

This section contains mentions of rape, child abuse, drug use, and murder.

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Partner in crime. In many crimes, actually. Would kill for (and has killed for) Juice. Loves him more than anything, backs him up, peas in a pod, etc. Independent enough that they aren't glued to each other, but still loves to be around him anyways. Hype each other up. Constantly. Get into hype-screamfests when alone together. 


Kvadrat    (friend)
Tech bros. Appreciates that SOMEONE HERE knows what a fucking proper Whizpr account looks like. Spilled everyone's vent accounts to him (except his own, of course). Likes vaguewhizpring him and seeing if he notices (but he only says nice things, anyways). Kinda curious about the Prav and Prizma stuff, but doesn't pry. No point, right?


Farley    (friend?)
More of Juice's friend than his, but most friends of Juice are friends of his. Is not as engrossed in Farley's personality and demeanor as Juice is. Thinks he's a little boring - stutters too much, slightly too meek for his tastes, but not a bad person by any means. Confused initially about his dynamic with Vodovorot, unsettled when he thinks about it.


Devetougao    (protégé)
You see this little bug man? He is a barely-contained, evil, feral mess, and god damnit, someone here has to encourage his mischief-making. Maybe Prox channels his inner frustration and resentment through Devy - not like he'd ever spill. Also, being around him irritates the fuck out of Quantum, so it's a win-win scenario.


Shestiugolnik    (acquaintances)
Heard about him online, never connected the fact that he was a Mag until they met in Magtown. Blown away by his work and influence. Kinda admires, but knows he couldn't take the heat of being a political leader himself. Quietly follows all his accounts, super not-petty jealous of Sessy's confidence, strength, position, and stability.


Vodovorot    (untrustworthy)
He's too nice. He's too complimentary. His smile's off. He never has a bad thing to say. He never complains. He's so fake. Seriously, the way he interacts with others is so fundamentally wrong. NOBODY ELSE SEES THIS? Legitimately cannot fathom why even Juice seems to fall for this guy's act, because it is SO CLEARLY AN ACT. GUYS. GUYS!!! 


Dijamant    (dude,)
This is Juice's friend. And this is not a friend he mutually likes. Puts on smiles and giggles when Dij is around, but god this guy is so patronizing and self-centered it drives him up a WALL. And unlike Vodo, he doesn't even have the charm of at least being asspat-y. He's just... kind of a needy leech, really. No idea why everyone likes him so much.


Quantum    (stop being a lil bitch)
Hahahahaha this guy. He's great.



Magninium Manipulation
Reality Warping
Appearance Manipulation


Decay, endings, rotting, morphing
Identity, change, sociability, relating
Instability, collapse, pride, need

Power: to construct

Tarot Card: King of Pentacles

Timeline: -

Name Origins

"Proximity" is in reference to the small distances at which the weak nuclear force is strongest (i.e. particles' proximity to one another) and, thematically, his position as Juice's closest. It's also a slight inverse on his lack of closeness with other characters.

Validation Required

Proximity requires validation to maintain his form and identity. The absence of (or active denial of) such results in his body literally decaying to the point of near-immobility, and can only be restored by the presence of validation. 

In decayed form, Proximity's body becomes cold and stiff to the touch, the texture mirroring space. He retains his eyes and horn. He always bleeds this space-like texture, regardless of how decayed he is. It's vastly more difficult for him to move, and constant, dull, ringing pain throbs on decayed parts. 

Validation is defined as Proximity feeling like he is worthwhile, loved, and cared for. Internal feelings of self-love do not count, and external reactions must matter and have value in Prox's head to be valid. This "mattering" must be legitimate; Prox cannot go against his gut and accept compliments or passive remarks he doesn't consider validating to cheat the system (though his standards are pretty low already).

The validation fades over time, and must be constantly replenished. In general, it fades faster than it is restored, so a constant supply needs to be applied at almost all times. As such, Proximity is usually in some state of decay, though after moving in with the Mags it's relatively minor: a scar on his face.

He is skilled at obscuring it, with magic, illusions, clothes, etc., as he finds it an ugly reminder of his "curse" and considers people acknowledging it to be invalidating. It's best to avoid that vicious circle.

In Fights

Puts up the best defense he can - shields, heals, fights back if in a corner - but it's futile in the end. The sheer negative energy of fighting is enough to trigger Prox's decay, and he'll start falling apart only minutes into the fight. So, he relies on Juice to cover for him - who is a good cover, in fairness.

Very eager to have an excuse to throw big shit at you to get you to fuck off (like maces!), though. Becomes more unhinged and more desperate the longer a fight continues, because he's fucked either way, right? Might as well go all-out! 

Decay doesn't stop him from training constantly, like a madman. Boxes in his free time, practices with Linija now that he's with the Mags. Really good at it, naturally, without Mag powers.

Living Spaces

Performatively cute and messy. Expensive, but not exorbitant belongings are strewn about, though there's clearly an order to the madness. Everything is pastel, pink, or white, with lots of shelves with intricate figurines and interesting trinkets and beautiful makeup and sparkling gemstones and colorful shells and spiral notebooks and pretty gel pens and etc etc. Everything is positioned to be perfect, in every photo he takes.

Owns a large wardrobe of clothes, though he never wears them or moves them - they're just for show, as he can magic on any clothing to his body easier than physically changing. They're all very cutesy and pretty, and he sometimes gives out outfits to people in return for photoshoots. They get to pick.

His bed is a big heart-shape with red covers with lace frills and big, fluffy pillows at one end. There's a big circular window behind it, which magically always supplies the room with the perfect lighting for photos. 

Everything is chic, clean, pastel, and presentable! But to the keen eye, it's clearly staged.

Public Perception

Within Divinity, everyone knows he's Juice's partner, and everyone knows better than to fuck with him: don't be even mildly mean to his face if you value your mind and/or body. Lots of rumors and snide comments fly behind Prox's back, but since he can't exactly hear them, they don't trigger his validation need so it's fine.

Still, most people approach Prox with their issues, since he's friendlier than Juice and more likely to agree. Whether or not he follows up is iffy, but he's always got a good excuse or some sort of result, no matter what. Kinda crazy how much the guy juggles!

Unknown outside of Divinity, since Juice doesn't want the information about Prox's validation struggles to leak and for him to turn into both a victim and a liability. So newcomers are usually pleasantly surprised, after hearing about how terrifying Juice is.

The Mags universally adore and love him, and feel rotten about the validation stuff. So they constantly compliment him and butter him up. He's super flustered by it.

Self Perception

Ugh. No.

Ribbons & Awards



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Favorite Color(s)
pastels! especially pink

Favorite Weather
clear night skies, with stars

Favorite Food(s)
anything cute

  • 27002298_e2mVrXvzlm1ti3I.pngBasics
    • Strongest sense is taste; strongest taste is savory
    • Ambidextrous
    • Gemini / Scorpio / Libra
  • Hobbies
    • Volunteering for charities, animal shelters, soup kitchens, etc. as an easy way to get cheap validation. It feels hollow to him (because it is) so it's not the best source, but it's better than nothing, right?
    • Boxing. Used to practice with Juice, but now it's with Linija. A consistent flow of compliments means it's both validation fuel and exhilarating venting sessions of all his pent-up resentment. Prox is really, really good at boxing. Linija still outspeeds/outhits him but Linija is a high bar to reach.
    • He collects guns but it's a huge secret shhh. I don't know enough about guns to tell you more about them but they're all very dangerous.
  • Preferences
    • Magic: kind of pathetic; not the lowest powerlevel among the Mags but it's really nothing impressive since he rarely uses it except for creating things. Associated with black holes, supernovae, decay, endings, rotting, instability, interdependence, sociability, palatability (? is that a word), safety, pride, identity, and deference. 
    • Music: doesn't talk about his music interests to people - there's a line where he has to separate parts of himself from his persona, right? Also explaining to people that he likes neo-psychedelia is awkward.
    • Stories: struggles to care about fiction. He has too much to deal with to get emotionally wrapped up in fake narratives.
    • Food: things that look cute and colorful on a plate, and are easily photographed. In reality, likes chowing down on things like raw meat and eggs - messy, carnal, and visceral.
    • Partners: Juice. Don't bother.
    • Traits: high-energy, protective, outgoing, erratic, vibrant
    • Dates: anything with no other people around. Usually exploring abandoned places.
  • Favorites
    • Animal: ferrets and minks, though mostly ferrets. Thinks they're funny.
    • Drink: he can mix a mean cocktail or margarita, but abstains himself. Might have orange soda if pressured, prefers not to have a drink otherwise.
    • Sweet: says it's pastries or macarons, the real answer is that sweet things make him gag. Get him some torta bejarana or something.
    • Season: Summer, the heat's nice and makes pool pictures easy.
    • Chore: if you ask him he's obligated to do any chores but he refuses to initiate. His actual bedroom would be a messy wreck.
  • Misc
    • His nickname for Juice is "Party", and has been for a long time. Juice puts it in all of his modern names, now, as a nod to Prox. Gets irritated and jealous when other people use it.
    • Doesn't like social gatherings or parties, and avoids them if possible. Will attend alongside Juice, but seriously hates the sheer effort of attending & how little validation they give him. 
    • He compulsively repeats phrases he's heard in a day under his breath when alone. Genuinely doesn't notice he's doing it until someone says something. Juice doesn't notice, either.
    • All residents of Divinity are obligated to follow his Whizpr account.
  • Fandom
    • Rain World
      • Favorite Animal: Red Lizards
      • Slugcat: Hunter
      • Karma: 9th9th.png& 1st1st.png
      • Achievement: The Friend
    • Pokemon
      • Types: Fairy/Poison
      • Moveset: Charm, Geomancy, Purify, Baton Pass
    • Random Dice
      • Deck: Combo, Gun, Joker, Supplement, Growth

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