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As the integral hendecagon structure, Jedana is the living embodiment of it and all related imagery, memetics, and concepts. Hendecagons exist because Jedana exists, and he is an overpowered reality warper due to this.

Though polite, kind, empathetic, and somewhat of an extrovert, Jedana is not often seen around his peers. It's not as if he dislikes them - rather, he considers them good people and good company - but instead, his time is spent tending and caring for Zmeya, his soulmate, best friend, confidante, partner, and light of his life.

His fascination with mortal doctors and medicine have been half-born from this bond, wherein Zmeya requires near-constant caretaking and healing as a result of his extreme, constant trauma and self-harm. Though one might think Jedana assuming those roles might stunt either one, he does attest that he's happy and secure in his position, despite the codependency. Or, maybe, because of? He's not quite sure, himself.

Gently, he pushes Zmeya into new experiences, into expressing himself, and into developing into the beautiful person Jedana knows he is. It's not his fault Genesis has beaten him down so harshly he can't see it. But - Jedana can, and he's more than happy to stoke it in the other. And every time Zmeya gives him the smallest flash of a smile, tries something new, or nestles his head against Jedana's chest, his heart swells with pride, love, and security - the kind he can't find anywhere but his partner's arms.

But brimming in Jedana's psyche is a wellspring of fury that he can only barely bottle at times - primarily stemming from frustration at the shit hand the world's dealt his snake, with most reminders of negativity fostering it. Terrified to let Zmeya see that side of him, he vents it in private and to Zehneck, a mentor of sorts. At night, thoughts of the future soothe him - the future where he and Zmeya are happy, safe, and comforted.

Biographic Information

Name Jedanaestougao



Height normal

Birthdayno worries


Universeno thankies

Occupation doctor/medic

Affiliation Magnitude Fragments

Affinity Hendecagons

Fun Stuff


Associated Animal(s)Cygnus

AlignmentChaotic Good

Primary Theme ♬Rain in Cups

Secondary Theme ♬Spilling Guts

Patient, thoughtful, sweet. Jumps to conclusions about things and fairly stubborn about them, but has good enough intuition to get away with it. Trends towards empathizing with others, but is careful not to excuse their actions. Overly understanding and guesses at motivations easily. Probably slightly overbearing.

Curious and easily fascinated; enjoys pursuing mastery of subjects before moving on to others. Finds effort and skill heavily rewarding, and makes a great effort to learn irrelevant trivia and topical facts, which he will parrot. 

Prefers a background role, dislikes being a leader. Finds himself most comfortable as a support where he doesn't have to face the public. Functions better with intimate, small groups and one-on-ones. Group discussions and projects make him exceedingly nervous of looking foolish or stupid in front of others. Wants people to either ignore his presence, or think of him as a good person. Not sure why it matters to him so much.

Hidden undercurrent of rage vying against compassionate core. Lives in fear of it and in fear of other people noticing it, so he swallows it as much as he can. Only lets it shine when he needs to protect Zmeya, and quickly stuffs it back into a bottle when unneeded. Vents it physically, when alone, by breaking and smashing things.

Talks down cruelty and violence, especially in others. Encourages people to self-check and be aware of their flaws. Expects others to also contain their negative traits and difficulties, even at their own expenses. Disappointed, but not judgmental, when people inevitably fail to live to his expectations. Corrects where they failed, if he can.

Knows Zmeya can do wrong, but does find himself ignoring his morals to excuse the other. Knows he should be bothered by this, but plainly isn't. Admires Zmeya's strength and effort in continually trying, despite all odds. Not very creative, but greatly admires it as a trait and loves seeing people express it (especially Zmeya).

Spoilers for House of Liars are present in this section.

  • at the end of HOL, genesis gets super fucked n murdered by juice
  • zmeya is the first to raise from that corpse, made from his creation and destruction magic, saddled with genesis' consciousness (as it is intrinsic to the world's existence)
  • jedana comes (very quickly after) second, deliberately created from another third of genesis' creation magic and a handful of semiugolnik's destruction magic
  • he meets up with zmeya and is instantly struck with the depth of their connection
  • around this time, affine is made from genesis' final third and linija's destruction magic
  • zmeya starts withdrawing into himself heavily due to genesis' beratement
  • jedana reaches out and fights to build a relationship with him; it slowly works
  • they start hanging out and befriend one another, becoming each other's closest friend
  • though he cares about affine, zmeya is just more important to him sorry :pensive:

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Zmeya     (that is his partner 🥰)
The love of his life, his soulmate, the sunshine he wakes up to in the morning. Jedana can't find fault in Zmeya that isn't forced upon him by Genesis, and is completely infatuated with the other. Zmeya is just... so strong, so inspiring, fighting against Genesis all on his own. That kind of endeavor is worthy of admiration and love.


Zehneck     (mentor)
Zehneck is who Jedana goes to for advice - both for helping Zmeya and keeping his temper under control. As such, Zenny is also the only one who knows of Jedana's inner plight from his own perspective. Thankfully, he's got enough wisdom and experience to serve as a good therapist. And, well, Jedana admires his cool head.


Juice     (friend)
Though they don't see each other often, Juice clearly likes Jedana. He especially likes curling up around Jedana, which is honestly really cute, if Jedana says so himself... and Juice doesn't ask for much outside of that, meaning he's a bond that's easy to keep and tend to. Jedana's not sure he'd like to visit Divinity or anything, though.


Proximity     (friend)
Proximity is a little more distant, but that's alright by Jedana - it's not like he has a lot of time to spare. Jedana admires Prox's ability to juggle projects and work, and seeks to emulate his time management skills, though he isn't jealous of the other's business or job. Being a politician and all that? Just not for him!


Vodovorot     (friend)
Vodo is also busy-busy, but their energy is similar enough that when they hang out, it's usually for quiet downtime anyways. Vodo cares enough to bring Jedana new books whenever they meet up, which is a touching act of thoughtfulness that Jedana greatly appreciates, especially considering he usually can't reciprocate.


Affine     (friend)
Affine was made from the final third of Genesis, leaving him as a "sibling" of sorts to Zmeya and Jedana. However, Jedana doesn't feel an intrinsic connection to Affine like with Zmeya. He tries to make up for it by inviting Affine places, but the other has yet to take him up on the offer. He'd love to try more, but... well, he has a priority....


Semiugolnik     (friend)
Semi and Jedana do occasionally meet up to talk - as, many of the wishes Semi grants involve medicine or healing, so he's picked up some information from his journeys. He's no expert, but it is enjoyable to talk to someone else who understands most of Jedana's jargon, and he has a few fun stories he likes retelling.


Quantum     (friend)
Jedana has mixed feelings about Quantum. Though he feels Quantum can be brash and crude at times, he knows Quantum isn't a bad person and treats him with the polite respect he usually employs. Quantum sometimes seems frustrated when Jedana "parents" him, though, and insists he's fine and that Jedana should take a break.


Farley     (distant friends)
Farley... is resistant to friendship, even the removed kind Jedana usually encourages. Despite being careful not to encroach on the other's space, Farley still doesn't seem altogether too fond of him. A number of reasons for such have flitted through Jedana's mind, but he doesn't really want to assume the other's feelings.


Ellipsa     (distant friends)
Ellipsa is intelligent and thoughtful, traits which Jedana appreciates, and they have a friendly dynamic with one another. They're not particularly close, but they do say "hi" to one another when they see each other and hanging out isn't awkward or anything. Ellipsa invites him to tea sometimes, though he finds he rarely has time to attend.


Devetougao     (friend?)
Devy is the one person who can consistently get under Jedana's skin, though nobody would be able to guess. The other's selfish disregard for anyone but his own impulsiveness is downright repulsive to Jedana, but he's still outwardly kind and caring towards the other - as much as he can manage, through strained teeth and smiles.



Magninium Manipulation
Reality Warping
Appearance Manipulation


Hendecagons, angels, medicine
Sympathy, compassion, half
Dependent, wanting, incomplete

Power: to recover & heal

Tarot Card: Queen of Cups

Timeline: -

Name Origins

"Jedanaestougao" comes from једанаестоугао, which means "hendecagon" in Serbian.

In Fights

Won't fight you. Tells you he won't fight you. Walks away if you try.

If push comes to shove and other Mags are around, assumes a support role as team healer. Is a really good healer. Popping res left and right, topping health up, stuffs everyone with buffs, keeps his team alive. Also shields like crazy so you can't hit him. 

If Zmeya's hurt, the gloves are off. There are no lines Jedana will not cross in his pursuit of revenge, and all sense of cheer or smiles is gone. The only thing that matters is neutralizing the threat to Zmeya before it pushes him off the edge, and he will hunt them down like an animal, if need be.

He isn't a particularly skilled fighter, but when enraged, he loses all scruples and abuses reality warping. Teleports to your location, sets it so you can't move, and kills you by punching your face in until your skull cracks. Enjoys the cathartic release of all his pent-up emotions, too.

Will not fight Zmeya, even when Genesis is possessing him. Turns the cheek, crosses his arms, and pleads.

Living Spaces

Has a wholeass skeleton in the foyer. I want you to know this.

Textbooks litter the tables, but otherwise things are sorted to some degree. There's a clear method to the madness, but it does look quite messy and like Jedana isn't home often (he isn't). The carpet has a few mystery stains on it. Rooms are painted in soft pastels and the couches are a horrific orange. 

There's a room for jewelry-making, including little molds for metalworking, next to his living room. Near the back of the house is more clearly his study, with sterile-looking walls, diagrams, and lots of medical chairs and machines. They're mostly for show, as a sort of collection, and he'll happily ramble about his MRI machine if you let him. And maybe offer to let you try it, if you want!

Guest bedroom in Zmeya's house is much cleaner and nicer. Still dunked in textbooks. Less medical stuff everywhere.

Public Perception

Completely unknown as a Mag, despite sometimes appearing to resolve conflicts Zmeya's accidentally caused, or subdue Genesis.

Liked amongst the Mags - there's not much about him that's unlikeable, after all. Sure, he's a little too busy with Zmeya to really befriend anyone else, but he helps Zmeya get out of the house and he sounds so happy when talking about his boyfriend that very few people are concerned.

Self Perception

I just want to be with Zmeya forever. I really don't want him to leave, and I don't really know who I am without him.

But it's okay, because we're together, and fretting about the potential future is unhealthy. It's better to take this a day at a time, trying to be my best and help Zmeya be his best, too. We'll keep moving forwards, no matter what.

Ribbons & Awards



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Favorite Color(s)
orange, blood orange

Favorite Weather
breezy spring days

Favorite Food(s)
healthy fruits!

  • 27002262_3lFIROtaVv1oFPo.pngBasics
    • Strongest sense is touch; strongest taste is sweet
    • Ambidextrous
  • Hobbies
    • Jewelry making, when he has the spare time for it. Super relaxing to do when Zmeya's in the room and kind of doing his own thing, and he likes giving the little gifts to the other Mags, sort of to make up for not being super close to them.
    • Consuming textbooks for breakfast. Cracks open those fuckers and just sits there for hours, pouring over everything. Knowledgeable enough that he points out inaccuracies/inconsistencies to publishers in letters.
    • Trying to ignore how horribly weird Mags' bodies/understanding of anatomy is when he tries to teach them.
  • Preferences
    • Magic: obviously he's the team's healer, just really good at it. Associated with medicine, healing, wings, feathers, angels, birds, swans, compassion, sympathy, halves, codependency, dependency, desires, caretaking, and empathy.
    • Music: i really don't know how to explain except linking this song. Jedana dances to this. He also sings little made-up duets with Zmeya, about anything and everything.
    • Stories: nonfiction counts, yeah? Likes reading diaries/primary accounts of things like wars, famines, and pandemics. Jeez Jedana you're morbid
    • Food: you're going to eat your celery and you're going to enjoy it
    • Partners: Zems ^_^ <3 <3 <3 <3
    • Traits: zmeya <3
    • Dates: being with zmeya <3
  • Favorites
    • Animal: swans and ducks, he likes feeding them. Really fond of snakes, too, mostly due to Zmeya's influence.
    • Drink: iced water!
    • Sweet: apples, you heathen.
    • Season: Spring - all the flowers are very beautiful and that is very good for ones' mental health, even if allergies are a bitch.
    • Chore: sweeping/dusting. He wears a face mask while doing such.
  • Misc
    • His lil' wings flutter when he's surprised, but don't emote much beyond that.
    • Cuddling Zmeya's blankets, since Zmeya doesn't like sleeping in his arms, helps him fall asleep at night.
    • He has good aim with a crossbow. This is the most trivial trivia I can think of.
  • Fandom
    • Rain World
      • Favorite Animal: King Vultures
      • Slugcat: Monk
      • Karma: 6th6th_level.png& 2ndKarma_-_Edited.png
      • Achievement: The Wanderer
    • Pokemon
      • Types: Poison/Ghost
      • Moveset: Heal Order, Aromatherapy, Revelation Dance, Life Dew
    • Random Dice
      • Deck: Laser, Thorn, Iron, Joker, Assassin

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