Kale "Brian" Moliakalaniikeola



2 years, 9 months ago


Minor character in Trashland, part of the group of characters in Dimension 1 looking for solid proof that other people have been taken into a parallel dimension

  • his full name is Kale Kapono Moliakalaniikeola. first name is pronounced like Kah-leh, it's the Hawaiian equivalent of "Charles"
  • he started using the name "Brian" on the internet, through a combination of believing you had to never use your real name online and thinking Brian was a name that sounded friendly. then it stuck
  • saw his nephew disappear through a giant portal of some sort and has never stopped trying to find out what that portal was and where it went.
  • has tried to help in many, many missing persons cases in several states. the cops never appreciate his efforts so he took matters into his own hands and has set up an organisation (is that the right word?) that tries to find missing persons that were never found in any capacity - because he's seen several other accounts of people disappearing through huge weird ass portals
  • the org was first called the National Find and Rescue Team but now it's International Find and Rescue Team, as all but one of the other 5 members he gained all live outside the US. they meet in person once a year. also the other 5 hate the name because the acronym is IFART
  • moved from Hawaii to Colorado to New Hampshire to Florida, stayed in Florida because he decided he didn't want to put up with the cold anymore (sucks for him when the yearly IFART meetup is in Russia), and also because Florida's weirdness amuses him
  • is very naturally upbeat and cheerful even when stressed. or he tries his hardest to be
  • bald but wears wigs most of the time, his favourites are all pompadours
  • has a plethora of tacky and hideous outfits because he loves anything that's multicoloured
  • gay and some form of nonbinary - doesn't believe anyone should be restricted by gender or anything imposed by said gender