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Black clothing, uniforms, the color purple, being praised, order, success, roses, feather, physically venting out her frustrations, clear skies, coffee (she takes her black), obedience, classical music, organizing things, thesauruses.


Being disobeyed, undisciplined people, messes, feeling left out, confusion, the inconveniences that come with not having proper hands, discordant music, any sort of harsh stimulus other than pain (she's used to it), demons, those who question the Overkings, being rushed, syrup.


Corone Violaceous

Basics:She/her pronouns. 24 years old. Born November 16th.
Obtained:June 16th, 2016

A cold and ruthless harpy employed by Heaven College to keep other harpies from Fontanelle in line. She's a shining example of everything Heaven College wants a Fontanelle harpy to be: emotionless, unquestioningly loyal, powerful, strict, and aware of her place. She shows no mercy unless ordered to, and it's rare she's ever ordered to. All of her self-worth is based on how well she serves her superiors, but even when praised there's a lingering feeling that she isn't doing well enough. It's almost as though on some existential level she's aware Heaven College thinks little of her and the rest of her kind. As good of a leader she is, she's still just a leader to cannon fodder.

old placeholder bio:

|| - Personality - ||

corone is strict and harsh, always taking on a leadership role much to the chagrin of those forced to work under her. she wants everything to be a well-oiled machine and won't hesitate to scold or punish those who fall out of line. she's merciless and cold but completely loyal to the overkings - the perfect heaven college student!

doesn't care for jokes and responds poorly to sarcasm if she understands it at all. often doesn't understand creative solutions and only accepts problems being solved in a way other than she intended to begrudgingly if she accepts it as anything more than a bluff in the first place. she thinks very concretely and believes that there's only one specific way to do most things, and that any other method is inferior or otherwise flawed (unless the overkings say otherwise, in which case their word trumps her personal opinions and she bends herself to remedy this)

completely oblivious to the emotions of others and has a hard time understanding other people, and honestly herself. she's mostly so loyal to the overkings because they just tell her what she needs to do, who she needs to be, and that's easy! it's not complicated. orders are simple.

|| - Backstory - ||

might've been buds (read as: they knew each other, corone is not very good at being friendly) with tsubame back when she was... alive??? are they dead??? i have no idea. stay tuned. probably lost her eye in a battle of some kind

anyway she's like a junior or senior at heaven college now and everyone is kind of afraid of her but she gets a lot of privileges bc she's a fantastic student and the exact sort of person heaven college wants to cultivate!

|| - Powers/Abilities - ||

she has to be a diligence angel but i'm waiting on a chum buddy pal of mine to come up with what exactly that means so stay tuned!!!!

she can fly though bc she's got wings!! she mostly relies on wind magic and she can shoot out RAZOR FEATHERS, it's pretty metal

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