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Basic Info







Alt Mode

Heavy Assault Starship





Leader class size with a non-transport warship altmode, colored in dark gray and carmine with cobalt accents. General bulk is evenly displaced, but such to allow mobility in the arms and legs. When in robot mode, a fusion canon rests on the center back pointed upward, but will rest on either the left or right shoulder when readied for fire.


To some he is the regarded as stalwart and sound judgment, pragmatic and effective. To others, Vanguard is the worst bot one could know. Vanguard's very coersive behavior is rarely picked up on by people that aren't looking for it. He possesses a very rigid way or thinking and philosophy of what does or does not make for a good Autobot and the Autobot way of life, and sees these things as the best path for the perfect Cybertron. For those that he deems 'suitable', they rarely encounter anything other than a co-ordinated, polite, considerate leader, sometimes even a trustworth mentor. To those that fall outside his favor, they see him as something entirely different.

For those that do not match up to what Vanguard deems as qualities in a 'proper Autobot', they find themselves at the receiving end of cold disinterest, unwarranted judgments, unsolicited 'advice' and even aggressive recommendations for reform or reformatting procedures. He isn't even outwardly negative, feeling what is being done is in the best intrest of the bot and for Autobots and Cybertron as a whole, though also knows that some might view the methods as cruel.

As would be expected for someone with such rigid views of their own culture, Vanguard is rather xenophobic and regards external influences from other societies with great disdain. Vanguard of course, does not voice this feeling outwardly, as e is very much aware it doesn't settle too well with some, and is also aware that  the alliance with other species is sometimes necessary in times of war.


As terrible a personality as he has, he unfortunately has the ability to back up any boasts or threats he might make, on the field. Fire power in his alt mode include a top mounted  fusion canon with companion side mounted pulse rifles that act as suppressive fire when lining up the main canon. In his robot mode, the fusion canon remains intact as a shoulder mounted weapon, e also carries around a pulse rifle, along with a collection of other weapons,  trinkets or grenades that best suit whatever given scenario.

Vanguard is quick in action, moreso than one would expect for his size class, and able to make snap judgments on the field. He is far more pragmatic than compassionate which has lead to more victories than some have wanted to admit to.

Personal Life

Vanguard's life is solely devoted to the 'Autobot way' and the great war. He is very much self aware there are colleagues that do not agree with his point of view, so he keeps this to himself apart from a few associates that feel the same.Time that's not spent on the war itself, is spent on the political side of things, working intimately with policies regarding military proceedure, civillian regulations, and regulations regarding any absorption of 'outside cultures'.

He doesn't find much need or desire for recreation, a little bit of socializing with some select company is about all he needs. Everything else is work, training, and mentoring those he finds most suitable.