Vaporwave snail pal.

cool // moist // nostalgic

Story: None
Setting: ???
Created: 2019


  • designed by zinnia, thank u zin!
  • a cool slimy friend
  • they are a snail, so a hermaphrodite and they/them pronouns are good
  • Leslie's shell coils to the left, like Jeremy. one in a million, baby
  • they're pan but unfortunately left-coiling snails can only mate with other left-coiling snails, so dating is hard
  • but I believe in them: someday they will find someone to go on long (very long, they are snails) walks on the boardwalk with
  • Leslie repairs computers for a living but has to wear gloves so as not to get the parts all sticky, which is kind of a bummer
  • tbh if you didn't want your computer to be moist why did you hire a snail
  • thinks people who are grossed out by the word "moist" are gross, actually. moist rights
  • secretly wants to be a dj
  • they can't hear but they enjoy music anyway. good vibrations
  • misses orbitz. the drink, not the travel agency
  • travel agencies sound kind of spooky anyway. snails were not meant to move so far so fast
  • once maintained a popular angelfire webring devoted to pog collecting. still has a large collection
  • the pogs are also sticky, of course
  • wishes they didn't enjoy salty snacks. o no

Coding by hedgemaze, lowkeywicked, & WeltDerAthanasie // See gallery for image credits