Baileys Silverstone



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✦ Vicious Mockery
Name Baileys Silverstone
Gender Genderfluid
Age 278
Species Hill Dwarf
Class Bard
Languages Common, Dwarvish, Slyvian
Skills Acrobatics, Deception
Theme We Have It All
Art Shazzbaa
✦ The Team
Briar Hat, quiet, rogue.
Brick Braids, sunny, monk.
Faelen Fluffy, shy, sorcerer.
Talia Flower, talkitive, paladin.
✦ About

✦ Origins

Baileys was the child of a well known noble dwarven smithing family. The name is well known for above standard weapons and tools throughout the lands, and as the only heir, Baileys had a lot to learn. Except they were interested in music, falling in love with the practice whenever visiting their grandparents to the north during the summer days when it got too hot to work in the smithery. There, their grandmother taught them the art of Viol... but when they requested to become a Viol preformer instead of take over the family business, Bailey's parents had other plans.

Cutting off both of their ring fingers, the parents prevented Baileys from continuing Viol playing, or any other kind of string instrument, without dampering their ability to smith. Visits to the grandparents home were also completely shut off. While this worked for a bit, Baileys's spirit wasn't broken, and there were many more acts of rebellion against the family over the years. This not only resulted in massive tarnish to the family name, but also plenty of damage done to Baileys's body, including taking a family brand to the face. Through trauma, some memories have also been lost...

For a final preformance and declaration of independance, Baileys spent years building up contacts and knowelge, working in the smithery to perfect their skills, and with the assistance of a friend or two, Baileys crafted their musical staff out of the finest materials in the families possession, and set ablaze the workshop before dashing off into the night

✦ Current Campaign

This all happened ~ 200 years ago, and has long been forgotten. With the families best smithery up in flames and no heir, over the next century the name faded away, but some dwarves of the line may still recognize a branding or signature. Baileys has given up their original name and look, opting to keep shaven, and uses their hair and a dragon tattoo to cover up the scars on their face. The jobs and company they keep are in the shadows, uninterested in their past coming back.

While scavenging for any good paying job they could find, Baileys comes across a listing that leads them to join their current adventuring team. What was originally a simple escort mission continued to lead to more and more opportunities, and where there's gold to be earned, the bard followed. Despite his interest in collecting money through looting or work, they've never been seen to spend even a copper piece.

✦ Relationships

As the jobs continue to line up, Baileys has found themselves becoming close to some of their adventuring party.

Despite having strong leaning morals (or lack of) and a clear goal in mind with their own life, Baileys tends to be both protective and softer on decisions around Faelen. Never buying themselves a room or any bedding, usually the dwarf can be found sleeping next to their larger companion. As their both magic users, sometimes during the travel Baileys tries to assist Faelen with learning magic, though insists they're not a good teacher.

They've also begun to form what feels like a friendship with the rogue of the party, Briar. She shares the same academic natures that Baileys feels comfortable in, as well as the same sarcastic, tired temperament towards the rest of the group and the ridiculousness that comes with this adventure they're all being strung along in. But as neither the bard nor the rogue has shown an interest in forming friendships, all their bonding interactions have been far more research and work related than anything else.

Talia has been a pleasant yet neutral acquaintance so far. Baileys highly respects her strength and battle techniques, and enjoys listening to her talk about her interests. In a way though, this seems for the best, as they would not want to drag Talia into their own issues.

And Brick... the half orc that originally seemed like a thorn in Bailey's boot. While she has her charming and good meaning sides, the two just can't seem to see eye to eye despite being the closest in height. The dwarf is finding themselves to be more and more fed up with the monk's morals and code, but tends to stay quiet whenever they can so not to upset Faelen too much. Also because they're just tired.

✦ Stats

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