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🃏 Backstory 🃏

The kingdom of Dovendale and its surrounding territories is caught in a several-hundred-year-long time loop, spanning the time between the 12th Dovenet's disappearance and the defeat / murder / insert-bad-end-here of the 13th.

The one maintaining the loop is Elysiel Evion, the original 13th Dovenet. With their dying breath and the last of their power, they created the loop to imprison the evil force targeting Dovendale, but ended up trapping the entire kingdom in with it. Now they desperately run an eons-long Batman Gambit to destroy the evil force while keeping the kingdom intact.

Elysiel is not sure how exactly the loop works, but one thing is clear: The Dovenet must stay on-world for it to stay stable. But Rune is the current Dovenet, and they just fucked off to Mahou Wando with no indication that they're coming back any time soon, soooooo...

🃏 Verses 🃏

♠️ Rune Leovani

The "vanished" Dovenet, and also the current one. In their loop, there is no disaster / cataclysm / etc. that threatens the kingdom... and that's the problem. With no imminent threats to Dovendale and a period of relative peace and prosperity, the royal family got used to surplus and decadence, to the point of feeling entitled to it. They eventually become corrupt, hoarding all the resources for themselves and letting the kingdom decay underneath them. Rune unlocks Dovendale's Key by accident during their coming-of-age ceremony.

As of now, Rune has seemingly disappeared without a trace, with only the king and queen, their parents, and a certain cousin knowing the truth. Rune's symbol is the heart.

♥️ Corell Aloma

The "ideal" Dovenet. In his loop, Dovendale falls victim to a deadly plague, which gets exponentially worse when a famine kicks in. Thousands of people either fall ill or starve to death, and can only find the slightest bit of comfort in their nearest temple. Corell is one of the priests at these temples, and he sought out Dovendale's Key in the archives, praying he can use its power to cure people. 

Corell wears his soft, gooey heart he denies he has on his sleeve. He's exceedingly empathetic and sensitive to other's troubles, but this makes him really easy to manipulate for anyone heartless enough to do so. Corell's symbol is the diamond.  

♦️ Netta Atrine 

The "promising" Dovenet. In her loop, the evil forces gain enough power to physically manifest, appearing as an invading force from a land afar. The royal family goes into hiding and essentially abandons the castle, allowing the invaders to ransack it and strip it clean of valuables. Dovendale's Key was one of those valuables, and Netta gets a hold of it when some of the invaders bully their way into her inn and she manages to snatch it. 

Netta is the tough-as-nails, take-no-shit proprietor of the Lonely Lycan Bar-and-Inn. Her fiery attitude is only matched by her unwillingness to take "no" as an answer when she goes for something she wants. Netta's symbol is the trefoil.

♣️ Lyric Novien

The "failed" Dovenet. In his loop, the kingdom sorta... stops existing as a proper kingdom after the 12th Dovenet is declared dead and the rest of the royal family disappears along with them. The resulting power vacuum drags the entire area into the dark ages as leaders fail to stabilize the kingdom, infrastructure falls apart, and arts and culture grind to a halt. Lyric gets Dovendale's Key by ditching his farm work and going on a glorified dumpster dive, finding it by pure dumb luck.

Lyric is quick-witted with a mercurial temperament, which makes it hard to get a read on him. He's also extremely flighty and (seemingly) untrustworthy, and moves from one interest or hobby to the next. Lyric's symbol is the spade

Elysiel Evion