Rune Leovani / 13th Dovenet



πŸ’™ Name: Princet Quirune Elysiel Leovani III of Dovendale

πŸ’™ Age: 15

πŸ’™ Pronouns: They / them

πŸ’™ Occupation: Student, magical enby, heir-apparent to Dovendale's throne

πŸ’™ Species: Human (with divine ancestry?)

πŸ’™ Place of Living: High Class Magician Quarter (but they usually stay in Agatha Academy's dorms)

πŸ’™ Mahou Title: The 13thΒ Royal Dovenet (pronounced doh-veh-NET)

πŸ’™ Magical Skills:

  • Enchantment β€” Rune's main power. Can cast status buffs on their friends.
  • Photokinesis β€” Can manipulate light for minor offensive and defensive capabilities. Likes to blind their enemies.

πŸ’™ Inventory:

  • Dovendale's Key β€” The literal key to the kingdom. Doubles as a transformation trinket. Can only be held by royalty.
  • Dovendale's Sceptre β€” Rune's main weapon. A focus for their powers.
  • Book? β€” Has a lock design on its front, yet it is unremarkable otherwise. It inexplicably cannot be opened, despite the lack of a proper lock or clasp.
  • Reading glasses (not pictured) β€” A pair of half-moon glasses with plain brown frames.

πŸ’™ Personality:

On the surface, Rune is the model royal β€” impeccably polite, charmingly friendly, and astoundingly bright. There are times when they seem distant and aloof, maybe even cold, but they're quick to shake off such appearances with a smile... until they find a moment to themselves. Away from prying eyes they're a withdrawn, anxious, paranoid mess who is distrustful of everyone and everything. They're easily frustrated, extremely temperamental, and quick to anger, but Rune takes care to never let anyone get close enough to see it.

πŸ’™ Backstory:

The seventh child of a seventh child, and one out of dozens of cousins, the young heir seemed destined to be just another noble β€” until they unlocked the power of Dovendale's Key. The only royal in generations to do so, Rune immediately became the heir apparent, throwing off the entire line of succession and becoming the target of jealous siblings and bitter cousins wanting the power of the key for themselves. Fearing for their child's life, Rune's parents found a safe haven in Mahou Wando and sent them away to protect them.

πŸ’™ Tidbits:

  • Their birthday is July 12.
  • They're 5' 7", with a slightly chubby build.
  • Before they activated Dovendale's Key, they were 343rd in line for the throne.