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Ari is who she is known to anyone else, but there is more than just Ari in this Operator. Her trauma in addition to the mailable nature of transference has made her a host to other system members. This profile focuses on Ari specifically and the overall history of the system, see the tabs for specifics on the other system members.

MuC N--# [f;f/m/*] S.H/Cb A(b-- r---/+++) Os/w/c Ws/h/d^ Cc I# OF- Pspi/obe/psi! F# T- X? Jtenno Do R C++ So+


A teenage human, about 5ft 6in in height, with medium brown hair most often kept up in a ponytail and green eyes. Wears a lot of silver, grey, and lavender and prefers mobile, practical attire. All of her warframes also likewise decked out in the same colors.


Strong-willed, protective, and compassionate. Ever since the Zariman she has dedicated herself to helping and protecting others, made evident through her actions and predisposition to taking the lead in a problem.


Adept in assessing a situation and finding the most practical course of action. She is generally proficient in just about any weapon as is typical for Tenno training but prefers the use of any short-range quick melee and pistols. She can use just about any Warframe when needed but preferred warframes are Trinity and Gara first, in addition to Mesa, Valkyr, and Garuda. Above all else, her primary focus is the support and protection of others.

Personal Life

After the second awakening and sorting out what had happened to her own mind, she spent a good deal of her time talking with Oridis, being the only really directly available social contact she had and still enjoys talking to him in her downtime. Apart from that, she enjoys spending time in the quiet places left on earth, animal watching or explicitly conserving and fishing.


Ari, like other Operators, lived through the Zariman 10-0 incident. When faced with the violent turn their parents had taken, Ari emerged as the driving force in the system, taking up the mantle to help and protect the other kids while also struggling with her own loss and panic. This motivation carried on as she was set to sleep in the state of transference, a state which also helped her deal with her own mind. Over time Ari and Ria were able to confront their new selves and acknowledge each other as different people within the same system, in doing so Ari more officially took the front of the system becoming the host that would guide the rest of them. Ari took point for much of the tenno training and combat, making her far more combat savvy than Ria. 

Over time, she found herself tuning in to the latent fragments of mind within the warframes she used, even if she wasn't exactly consciously aware that it was happening. Small fragments of personality and predispositions that were not her own started to surface. but the state of transference made it fluid and natural. It wasn't until after her second awakening, that she recognized what was going on - she had been housing the trapped minds of the warframes she took control of. But their minds were not complete, many of them had long since formed individual gestalts of the fragments of the persons left behind in each body. So far there are only 5 distinct denizens of this type, there could be more but they have yet to solidify.