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Basic Info


Originally female, now genderless (female pronouns)






Dark, nighty-sky skin with a subtle texture comparable to crocodile hide. She lacks genitalia as well as nipples, though her figure still otherwise mimics a female humanoid shape. She also lacks any sort of hair. Instead of eyebrows, she has scaled markings above her eyes of a pale, sharply contrasting color. Instead of tresses, she has several live serpents adorning her head of the same pale coloration. It is nearly impossible to tell due to these snakes, but she also lacks ears. 

She is also completely blind. The original color of her eyes is indistinguishable; her eyes have become solid orbs of pale marbled stone, with a slightly darker grey tone where her irises used to be. The flesh surrounding her eyes is permanently cracked. The vipers adorning her head all have eyes the color of brass.

She does not possess fingernails. Instead, her fingertips grow into narrow points, her hands made of solid brass.

Her body is slender and narrow with a lean muscle structure, sharp facial features and relatively long limbs. She usually wears either a loose, transparent sort of toga draped over one shoulder, or nothing at all--though some brass jewelry is not uncommon.


Noble, dignified, calm, slow-moving and soft-spoken, but inhumanly wise and often somewhat coy. She's often clearly amused to know something others do not.

In fact, she's an oracle, capable of looking into all matters of past, present, and future. She is as close to omnipotent as one could get without being a god. Her patience is infinite, and she is never surprised, nor driven to outburst. Her every action and every word is measured and deliberate.

DO draw her:

  • Calm/peaceful/happy/sinister/aloof/unreadable/etc
  • With a slender, fairly narrow body
  • Entirely unclothed
  • Wearing loose, lightweight dresses/togas
  • With or without minimal jewelry, usually made of brass
  • With eyes made completely of stone
  • With cracks in her skin around her eyes
  • With flesh like snake/crocodile hide
  • With brass hands ending in slender talons
  • Relaxing, lounging around, etc
  • Drinking tea

DON'T draw her:

  • Joyful/emotional/sad/angry/etc
  • Wielding any weapon
  • Wearing tight-fitting clothes (including corsets)
  • Wearing shoes
  • In NSFW art (she literally does not have any genitalia/nipples)