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  • "Monty"

  • Age 34 (DOB: 5 Jan 1982)
  • Gender Cis male (he/him)
  • Species Kougra
  • Occupation Carpenter
  • Relationship Status Single; has.. a crush??
  • Sexuality Questioning
2012935_uLleIGwVb23Z0TK.png?1520196514 Dwight Montgomery (often called "Monty" by his friends) is a woodworker who does various carpentry stuff for a living. He may seem a little cold and distant on the outside, but once you get to know him, you'll see that he's really just a dork. He's secretly interested in all of these adorable little hobbies that he doesn't want people to know that he's interested in, like knitting and dancing in his room to cheesy pop music when no one's looking, among other small things of that nature. Monty is very self-conscious and worried about other people judging him for his interests, so he tends to be extremely secretive, often pushing aside his true self and putting on a more serious-minded persona for people he doesn't know very well.

Maxwell is pretty much the only person that he'll openly be a dork around most of the time (mainly because Max is also a huge dork). He's also kinda dorky when talking to Jackie sometimes.

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  • Sketching / doodling
  • Watching nerdy TV shows
  • Music (esp. synthpop)
  • Knitting


  • Being mistaken for a teen / young adult
  • Emotionally-charged situations
  • Making small-talk
  • Cooking


  • Open-minded and gentle
  • Good at problem solving


  • Quick-tempered and cynical on bad days
  • Easily gets lost in thought


  • * 5 ft 5 in
  • * Average build
  • * Looks young for his age
  • * Brown, tan, and dark brown fur / hair
  • * Blue eyes
  • * Wears glasses (uses clip-on sunglasses in bright light)

Clothing Style

  • * Likes dress tops / long-sleeved tops in general
  • * Wears sweater vests about 50% of the time
  • * Sometimes wears hand-knitted scarves / sweaters / hats / etc that he made
  • * Mostly sticks to black & white clothes, with occasional hints of blue (or purple that he mistakes for blue)
  • * He's colour blind, so he'll often ask for other people's input to avoid wearing clashy outfits (refuses to go clothes shopping by himself)

General Trivia

  • Has an older half-sister who he's very close to (she's six years his senior, and they're related through their mother)
  • He's a terrible cook, and lives on a diet of mostly cereal, microwavable frozen meals, and restaurant take-outs
  • Was diagnosed with deuteranopia (a common type of colour blindness) at age four; tries to get around it by using an app on his smartphone to identify colours & labels certain things around his flat with the names of said colour(s)

  • Wanted to become a bike mechanic for the longest time as a kid, but eventually found a better job working as a carpenter; he still repairs bikes as a hobby sometimes, mostly for friends
  • Likes to hang out with his across-the-hallway neighbour & friend Maxwell some nights after work (they'll often invite each other over to their flats to watch TV or something)
  • Also likes to go out for drinks with some of his work friends on occasion, but otherwise isn't all that social
  • Has only ever tried dating once in his whole life (he had a girlfriend once back in his late teens), but pretty much gave up on looking for love after that relationship ended. (He's not against the idea of being with someone; he just doesn't try putting himself out there anymore.)
  • Is in absolute denial of his crush on Maxwell, and won't admit his feelings for Max to anyone (not even to himself)
  • Became pen pals with his cousin Jackie when he was a kid; their dads originally hooked them up, believing it would be a good opportunity for them to learn about each other's countries (Jackie is Canadian, Monty is British). They ended up becoming much closer friends than either of their dads had anticipated; they're still connected even now, though it's mostly via email and social media these days.

Charahub Questions!

These questions (as well as their answers) were all copied from Monty's old profile on

Favorite color?
...Blue? (Blue & yellow are pretty much the only two colours he can see, hence why he hates this question)

Does your character collect anything?
Yarn (for knitting) & scraps of wood (for woodworking)

Woodworking, sketching & doodling, knitting, watching science-y TV shows, dancing in his room when no one's looking

Special skills / talents?
He does a lot of really cool pencil / pen sketches (mostly anatomy sketches & sketches of fantasy creatures, like dragons, griffons, etc)

Patience level?
Depends on what kind of a day he's having, but it's usually in the low-to-moderate range.

Favorite place?
His woodworking shop

How do they feel about love?
Interested, but somewhat pessimistic about his chances of finding & maintaining a healthy relationship (romance is awkward territory for him).

Jung personality type?

Music they listen to?
Mostly likes cheesy synthpop; some of his favorite artists include Abba, Erasure, and the Pet Shop Boys (his playlist consists almost entirely of "guilty pleasure" songs)

Bad habits?
He's very secretive about the things he enjoys, mainly because he tries so hard to appear "cool" that he's terrified of anyone even suspecting that he's a dork. (If he REALLY doesn't want to talk about something, he'll purposely be as vague as possible when answering you, then quickly try to change the subject).

Pet peeves?
When people assume that he's younger than he actually is. ("So, I take it you're in college? Oh, you're 34?! Omg, I'm so sorry! Don't worry- when you're an old man, you'll look great for your age!" <= is what everyone tells him over and over & it gets super annoying after a while.)

Outlook on life?
It can be frustrating at times, but overall, it's not bad.

As a child, what did they want to be when they grew up?
Anything that involved building and/or repairing things (he wanted to become a bike mechanic at one point)

What (if they can) does your character eat?
Lots of cereal and frozen entrées (he's not very good at cooking).

Languages spoken
English (native speaker), Spanish (advanced, but not quite fluent), French (beginner)

Has an older half-sister that he's close to, and also considers his cousin Jackie to be like a sister.

Wants to get married?
Maybe, if the right person comes along.

Wants to have kids, raise a family?
Maybe; he's not dying to become a dad or anything, but if he ended up in a relationship with somebody who did want kids, he could be persuaded into raising a kid or two.



Maxwell is Monty's neighbor who lives in the room right across from him. Soon after Monty moved into the neighborhood, Max welcomed him and tried to get to know him a little. Despite some initial awkwardness in their early interactions with each other, Max and Monty soon realized that they shared a lot of common interests, and that they could trust each other. Max is one of very few people whom Monty feels comfortable discussing his dorky interests with, mainly because he knows that Max won't judge him.



Jackie is Monty's far away cousin (from Canada!) They were very good pen pals growing up, and nowadays, they're mostly internet friends; they email & text each other back and forth all the time, and sometimes they like to video chat just so they can poke fun at each other's accents. They like to talk about science, technology, music, video games, and all kinds of nerdy mumbo jumbo like that.

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