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As the integral hexagon structure, Shestiugolnik is the living embodiment of hexagons and all related imagery, memetics, and concepts. Hexagons exist because Sessy exists, and he is an overpowered reality warper due to this.

It's only natural to call Sessy a deity.

Self-assigned caretaker of mortals, he arrives in Timelines, surrounded by his followers and devotees, and does his best to patch up Genesis' greatest mistake: suffering. He resolves wars, ends famines, restores rivers, disposes of corruption, heals the sick, fights for the downtrodden, shields the wounded.

And, when he's done putting together the pieces of your world, he has an offer. Would you like to be privy to the knowledge of the world? Would you like to have the skills and wisdom of millions at your fingertips? Would you like to assist him in always helping to better the world? If so, with grace and gentleness, Sessy inducts mortals into his Hivemind - a massive collective spanning Timelines, where they can share themselves and all they know with others of similar mindset, others who have been touched by Sessy, the centerpiece of it all.

Of the Mags, he's the most well-known, with countless outreaches across spacetime and countless miracles that can be ascribed to his name. His goal? To encourage mortals to be their best selves, and to add to his Hive, in hopes that he'll encourage them to move past the bindings of their world and into a new dawn.

But underneath all the hope and godliness lies a rocky foundation: rejected by his parental figure in youth, Sessy finds himself constantly looking to fill in the gaps in his chest that were left by Genesis. He's hoping that maybe, just maybe, when the Hive is finished, maybe he'll have somewhere he feels is his.

Biographic Information

Name Shestiugolnik



Height tallish




Occupation a busy bee

Affiliation Magnitude Fragments

Affinity Hexagons

Fun Stuff


Associated Animal(s)Anthophila

AlignmentChaotic Neutral

Primary Theme ♬Brother Sport (Live)

Secondary Theme ♬Poncho

Tertiary Theme ♬Unseen Lands (Savu Remix)

Expert at recognizing the potential in others and how to help them unlock it themselves. Deeply intuitive, often relies on his gut instinct rather than trust another's judgement. Empathetic and gentle, even to those who oppose them, until his patience runs out - but does his best to keep his temper under lock and key. 

Respects systems and authority, and enjoys the mental puzzle of trying to figure out how to work within them. 

Likes cracking jokes and teasing. When relaxed, genuinely seems divine - above it all, intelligent, observant, funny. Knows how his closest thralls feel about him and stokes their loyalty and devotion. Cares deeply for their wellbeing and is loyal in turn. Would burn down Timelines for them, but thankfully, he doesn't have to.

Naturally brings out the best traits in others. Tends lives to become blissfully peaceful under him, with never a challenge too great for the individual mortal to overcome. Personalizes way more of his outreach and work than you'd expect. Exasperated when mortals do stupid, silly things, but is also charmed by it, and considers it just part of the package deal.

Resentful of people who are obstinate and uncooperative. Quickly becomes frustrated if too many dominoes start falling wrong, temper is explosive: throws things, yells, bullies others. Good at doing damage control after.

Feels removed from other people and isolated. Wants to prove Genesis wrong, but can't shake the scary feeling that the other was right. Hopes he'll feel like he belongs in the Hive. Stressed about the idea that the Hive is just a way for him to exploit others and trick them into being around him. Is he just taking advantage of mortals?

Misses the Mags. Wishes he felt that Magtown was "home". Hopes one day he'll feel like he belongs with them.


  • disagreeing with much of what genesis was doing and misunderstanding even more, sessy was that annoying 4yo who just keeps asking "why" to everything their parents do
  • genesis was at first very gentle, explained to the best of his ability, but grew frustrated when sessy starting unintentionaly poking at his inability to create well ("why did you make the first timeline all messed up?")
  • sessy got placed into timeout often, isolated from the other mags, until genesis felt he'd learned his lesson (he hadn't). 
  • rather than stop questioning, he would simmer in timeout, becoming frustrated and resentful about where he was placed and wondering what he'd actually done wrong. if someone couldn't explain what they were doing, why were they doing it?
  • as he aged, he became more combative, challenging genesis' authority and decisions nigh-constantly. growing more frustrated, genesis resorted to punishing sessy by kicking him out of the mags' glade, sending him to cool off in timelines.
  • sessy obeyed, visiting mortals instead and sulking. one of those mortals was mellonia, who he met when he picked up mellonia's discarded manuscript draft. he returned it to them and asked why they'd tossed it out.
  • mellonia casually tried to play it off, but his spouse had talked trash on the story and tossed it out. sessy, enraged, tells mellonia to leave them, since clearly they're a jerk. mellonia says he can't, he feels obligated/attached/etc.
  • between all this, he does keep returning to magtown, thinking he'll pretend to be a good sheep, but becomes too frustrated at genesis and ends up fighting with him instead
  • sessy begins coming back even when he isn't being punished to encourage mellonia to take control of their life again and publish the story. mellonia keeps saying he can't, he's scared, he doesn't know if he can do it, change is terrifying, this is all he really knows, it's normal, etc
  • sessy has another argument with genesis, in which the other tells him that nobody will like an aggressive, combative jerk like him, and that at the rate he's going none of the mags will want to be around him
  • in tears, sessy returns to mellonia, who again says they can't leave their spouse. frustrated and at the end of his rope, sessy finally says "fine, then i'll do it for you"
  • sessy forces a mind control magic link, takes mellonia's body, and leaves their spouse right then and there. he then goes to the publishing company, storms up to the owner's office, and dumps the manuscript right then and there
  • not sure how the hivemind expands from there, but i'll work on it

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Mellonia (KJ-204)    (right-hand man)
The man who inspired the Hive, Sessy's resolve, and gave him solace during his turbulent younger years. To say Sessy loves Mellonia is an understatement; there are no words with which he can describe his affection towards the other. They work closely in tandem - both as the faces of the Hive, leading it to prosperity and peace, together.


Uriel (E-794)     (personal guard)
Sessy has no need of a personal guard, being a god, but Uriel's insistence won him over. Originally a high-ranking member of Dijamant's Diamond Collective, Sessy secretly met with Uriel, enticing him to join the Hive with affection, care, and empathy. He remains a sore point for Dij, and a beloved hand of Sessy's.


Allocer (C-213)    (personal guard)
His other guard, part of the Timeline that welcomed Uriel with open arms after he joined the Hive and abandoned his old colony. As Uriel's closest friend, he joined Sessy's guards, providing humor and wit to the dynamic between the trio. Sessy knows he's closer to Uriel than Alice, but is grateful for his presence anyways.


Adrenaline (FE-11)    (gift to Kolo??)
Originally one of many Addies within the Hive, though he stood out after managing to flirt his way into living with Kolo. Sessy permits the interaction; both to endear Kolo to Hive members and because seeing Addie feel individualized in personhood is nice. He doesn't much keep in contact with Addie, but trusts Kolo treats him well.


Semiugolnik    (friend)
Semi, too, is a purveyor of Timelines; Sessy and him bump into each other more than they'd like. Thankfully, Semi is pretty useful - always full of tips on a Timeline: who to contact, who to befriend, who to rub elbows with, where the influence is. And, Semi doesn't induct his mortals into the Game - honestly an understated act of kindness.


Kvadrat    (IT guy)
Kva, at Sessy's behest, has set up the online network and sites for the hivemind and Sessy's plethora of plans, events, and whatnot. He also used to run the social media, but handpicked mortals per nation now fill that slot. Still, what a useful boy! And he's always so eager to please and work, too - traits Sessy loves to see.


Trapetsiya    (friend)
Trapet is another good source of information for who to contact in Timelines, and can even be used as a starting point, as he usually dates high-ranking officials and royals. It's not farfetched to ask to tag along to a classy party as Trapet's friend. Maybe Trapet is upset by this, but it's not using anyone - he's just trying to help!


Peshchani    (friend)
Pesh is also a participant in high-class mortal parties - AKA another route in to some Timeline's nobility. Unlike Trapet, though, Pesh sometimes seems... offended! that Sessy uses the parties for political gain. And keeps trying to dress him in other clothes! And maybe Sessy doesn't know how to articulate properly how uncomfortable that is!


Polumesec    (friend)
Sessy is in Polum's good graces, which means he can help subconsciously nudge people into joining the Hivemind, if they're mulling it over and then head to sleep. Which is a good potion of inductees, really. Sessy himself doesn't ever sleep, so he never gets any nightmares and sees nothing wrong with Polum.


Kolo    (pwease no bully)
Kolo is cockblocking Sessy from spreading the hivemind to Fragments or other Mags, which sucks and he wishes the other understood the good he was doing. But he also highly respects Kolo's authority and demeanor, so he won't sneak around behind Kolo's back. Pwease just let him integrate some Frags ;_;


Linija    (hey i'm friends with the war god)
They're amicable, even if Sessy isn't home a lot. Linija's presence as a cross-Timeline war patron, though, is very useful clout to use when talking to religious leaders or warlords. Nothing beats a promise of hooking someone up with their god to get a foothold. And Linija is always available to show up and show off to some mortals.


Proximity    (influencer)
Sessy had seen Prox's social media accounts prior to realizing he was a Mag, and always admired the other's ability to use and manipulate media trends. Once he found out Prox's real identity, he instantly set upon the other, roping him into doing some shoutouts and rewhizprs. It's also a good way to be in contact with Divinity. 


Dijamant    (rival?)
Everyone is friends with Dij. Sort of. Though Sessy is respectful of Dij's Timelines and doesn't integrate them (and vice versa), he doesn't think Dij is a great leader at all and shittalks him to the mortals he's closest with. Stars. Guy couldn't charisma his way out of a paper bag. It's a wonder that the likes of Kolo fell for him. Still, they're close-ish?


Pyatiugolnik    (boss, i guess)
Pya is the leader of the Mags, sure, but he's such a... well, limp noodle. He only throws his weight around when it's life-or-death and doesn't actually participate that much in, y'know, actual leading, heinous crimes in Sessy's eyes. People have to use their powers for tangible good! Sessy begrudgingly respects his orders, though.


Peresekat    (unfriend)
Pere encourages Sessy to "let go of his inhibitions" and engage in... ahem, fucking his mortals. Which is stupid, because he's not about to start throwing around his weight like that, and favoritism is dangerous. But Pere seems to be under the impression he has feelings for some of his mortals? How absolutely ridiculous.


Polukrug    (thorn in side)
Recently, Polly has decided that his life's work will be undoing Sessy's hivemind, for shits and giggles. And he's really good at hiding in plain sight. So he keeps poisoning group events with the de-link potion, which is completely traumatizing to upper members who are used to the hive's presence. Sessy desperately wants rid of him.



Magninium Manipulation
Reality Warping
Appearance Manipulation


Hexagons, bees, synthesis
Community, completeness, care
Conformity, reliance, dependence

Power: to bring unity

Tarot Card: The Hierophant

Timeline: mu Μ

Name Origins

"Shestiugolnik" comes from шестиугольник, which means "hexagon" in Russian.

The Hivemind

The Hivemind is Sessy's magnum opus and what takes up most of his time/effort. Induction into it is through being stung with his tail, which then opens the recipient's mind to his and, over the course of a week, to the other member's minds. Those in the Hivemind have full access to each other, even across Timelines.

Passing thoughts can be shared freely, but deeper thoughts/true feelings are obscured unless intentionally shared or someone is closely listening in. It's best to picture the Hivemind like a bigass room, where people are clustered into small groups and talking. You can yell things across the room, but you still retain some level of privacy. In general, there's also enough background noise that it's unlikely people are looking your way.

Individuals, of course, retain personalities, goals, desires, selfs, and agency. In general, though, they tend to become slightly more active in political issues, supporting their communities, and vectors of change in comparison to non-Hivemind members or their past selves, as Sessy's memetics rub off on them. Mages will also, subtly, become more skilled in their natural abilities and mind-altering magic.

Sessy's mind is partially shielded due to the high level of radiation, so as to not fry the brains of the mortals within. He can share small sections of it, but generally keeps away. Only his closest thralls have constant access, and even that's mostly just his shallowest emotions at any given time.

All Hivemind members have a natural resistance to the radiation Mags leak, and can stand being around them much easier than most mortals. They are all marked with Sessy's magic and resonate with hexagons. Being around Sessy feels intuitively right, and Hivemind members are filled with blissful relaxation when in his radiation area.


Being invited to the Hivemind doesn't always guarantee that mortals will join. Sessy does not turn mortals without their consent, generally, preferring instead to have happy members who wanted to be a part of it. Thralls go by many names, but are usually called "bees" and wear a small hexagon pin on their lapel. High-ranking thralls are known as "apias" and usually work much closer to Sessy, arranging Hivemind events and serving as community leaders.

The highest-ranking thrall is Potnia Mellonia, the first mortal induced and Sessy's second-in-command.

Sessy can control thralls by puppeting their bodies. The experience isn't uncomfortable, but rather warm and comforting, like one's worries are temporarily melting away. They are still aware of what is happening around them and can "see" through their eyes, but cannot control their limbs or body. 

There are a small group of thralls - those who were inducted either without consent, or those who began attempting to dismantle the Hivemind - that need to be dealt with. Rather than remove or kill them, Sessy instead hollows their mind out, erasing any sense of who they used to be, and then uses their body/brain as extra processing power and memory space. Think of it like tabs on a computer; they can be used to store information or do tasks that Sessy is too busy to do. 

Most of the Hivemind hand-waves these individuals. They knew the risks they were taking when they tried to dismantle a great structure such as the Hive.

In Fights

Doesn't fight. Why do you want to fight him? Hasn't he been helpful, performed miracles for you? Come on, don't be ungrateful and cruel. :(

Either excuses himself from a fight if it's public or just quietly turns them into one of his puppets if it's private. Will call local authorities on aggressors, if they're around and generally receptive.

Too reputation-concerned to actually engage in any sort of spats. Gladly will argue his points in front of others, but won't throw punches. If need be, will pop in and out of the Timeline at the same time point to arrest them easier. 

Abuses his power as a Mag to res the dead, solve famines, etc., anyways. Why fight a nice god? 

Living Spaces

Disaster. Papers, documents strewn everywhere, since he depends on reality warping (.needed-document {location:"in hands";}) or his puppets to retain information. The only things that are sorted nicely are his massive galleries of artwork of himself, which are like 99% gifts from his thralls. Even bad children's drawings get hung up next to thousand-dollar portraits. He loves them all.

Actual "house" is in Magtown, a giant sprawling structure with many rooms and offices, but he rarely if ever spends time here. Since he doesn't need to sleep or eat, he can just keep working in the main Hive HQ instead, although his mortals have gotten fussy about him "needing to take a nap." 

His office in Headquarters is made primarily of two rooms: his main, actual working area, with bookshelves, papers, filing cabinets, and some chairs; the other being a large lounge for people to wait in while he either works or takes other visitors. The rooms are separated by a glass wall, so waiting mortals can see in.

Public Perception

Within the Hive: It's Fucking God.

Sessy never makes a promise he can't keep, and the kinds of things he promises are world-changing: clearing debt, ending wars, supplying eternal food and drink, curing disease, providing community, unity, knowledge, power, influence, and change. As such, it's hard to blame anyone in the Hive from worshipping him, at least privately - he's changed their lives and is spending his power, time, and effort changing even more. 

Though Sessy forbids organized religious worship of him (aka no churches, prayers, etc) the Hive does operate as partially a religious group, and so many people will keep trinkets of his or gifts from him as holy relics and good-luck charms. The magic he radiates only adds to this feverish adoration, as it's a rush of pure magic that elevates mortals' positive emotions and makes them friendlier.

Sessy's mistakes, if any, are glossed over, ignored, and forgiven.

Outside of the Hive: seriously the most well-known Mag, if he's ever shown up in a Timeline everyone there is buzzing about him. COR doesn't know exactly how to take him - he's not exactly harming, but he's sure rubbing his little OOT-actor hands all over the place, and doesn't obey Overseer authority (or, really, native Frag authority). He's forbidden from inviting Frags into the Hive by Kolo, but there's rumors circling he's broken that promise. Some Frags work alongside him, just not as Hive members. That's also contentious.

Self Perception

Anything can be excused if you work up enough "good karma", and I've worked up plenty. The bad things I've done don't make me a bad person. I'm helping. I'm doing tangible good. I'm a hero. Look at how they all say that I am. Why don't you trust their words, Sessy? Why do you feel so selfish about this all? Why can't you shake the feeling that these mortals would be better without you? Shake it off, that's nothing to waste time over. Just some mild doubts, anyone would be harassed by them. Shh.

Ribbons & Awards



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Favorite Color(s)
yellow, dark red, black

Favorite Weather

Favorite Food(s)

  • 27002299_vRyrS83Jvw4ogX7.pngBasics
    • Strongest sense is touch; strongest taste is bitter
    • Ambidextrous
    • Virgo / Taurus / Cancer
  • Hobbies
    • He's a workaholic. You think he has time for hobbies?
    • If it counts, collecting artwork, all of himself. Hive members regularly draw him, with varying degrees of skill, and Sessy is totally enamoured by it. He'll even take time out of his schedule to pose for artists. All pieces are hung up in his Magtown home or Hive headquarters, regardless of quality. Child's crayon scribbles are put up next to thousands-of-dollars professional portraits.
  • Preferences
    • Magic: unparalleled master of mind-altering magic. Would be seriously scary if he didn't have qualms about using it (or does he?!). Associated with bees (duh), honey, sweetness, sunlight, hives, stained glass, church bells, unity, community, interlocking, patterns, and societies.
    • Music: no lyrics, but upbeat and poppy. Something nice to listen to the background, that keeps the energy of a room high, but isn't distracting or worth discussing. Elevator music, I guess.
    • Stories: quiet fondness for the blind idealism of children's stories, and loves reading them to kids if he ever has a spare moment. Loves oral retellings, legends, myths, and campfire stories. Anything associated with culture or history, essentially.
    • Food: not a big eater, nor does he enjoy food, but likes buying it for his mortals and for people he's meeting with to discuss. Tips very well at restaurants and is a heavenly guest - polite, understanding, accommodating, never frustrated/yells.
    • Partners: diligent, hardworking advocates, intensely passionate about something. Seeks people who can talk for hours about their pet cause, even if they're not the most eloquent. Wants to be surrounded by people who will uplift and encourage him to continue following his dreams, and vice versa. Soft spot for emotionally stunted, closed-off men.
    • Traits: self-sacrifice, empathy, kindness, selflessness, cooperation
    • Dates: simple and short, easily slotted into an empty time-slot - short walks together, small shopping trips, etc. Prefers being in the same room as his partners as he works, though - and likes chatting over their jobs.
  • Favorites
    • Animal: bees. What did you expect? 
    • Drink: just water's fine, or tea/lemonade made with honey.
    • Sweet: honey. What did you expect?
    • Season: Mid-late Autumn, around harvest time.
    • Chore: he'll do the taxes and organize the house's papers/important documents. And whatever else you ask of him, really, but that's what he defaults to.
  • Misc
    • Conceptual form is a giant, honey-soaked hexagon with a bunch of smaller, linked hexagons orbiting in a ring. The ring represents the Hive, with Sessy at its center. 
    • Smells and tastes slightly of honey. Blood, saliva, etc., also have the consistency/smell (but not visuals) of honey. He's just a big bee, okay, listen,
    • Wings buzz and tail swishes when he's excited.
    • Carries around a pointer stick which he uses to gesture at people, things, or prod into people's chests to intimidate them. It can indefinitely extend as much as Sessy needs, and glows in the dark. He mostly uses it during speeches or presentations, to gesture to something on a projector.
    • Keeps little mints in his shirt's pockets. It's a trait he picked up from Mellonia.
  • Fandom
    • Rain World
      • Favorite Animal: Scavengers
      • Slugcat: Survivor
      • Karma: 10th10th.png& 5th5th.png
      • Achievement: The Chieftain
    • Pokemon
      • Types: Bug/Psychic
      • Moveset: Heal Order, Attack Order, Defend Order, Fell Stinger
    • Random Dice
      • Deck: Flow, Metastasis, Typhoon, Joker, Supplement

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