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i thought i had him faved before but i am his 500th fav waaahhh

lui my beloved



This is definitely a very cool protagonist vibe design. Love the dragon tattoos and the hoodie/sneakers. I can totally seem them selling irl. I do thinks he could have some more interesting colors though especially since his jacket and pants colors are a bit similar. He looks much better when his design is with the white shirt since there is more contrast. Maybe you could experiment with either different color pants (beige or white perhaps?) or give him a sleeveless jacket with long sleeves underneath or maybe an asymmetrical outfit where you can see the tattoo all the time (assuming that wont be too much of a pain to draw). 

I also think the dragon ears thing in the special form is extremely cool looking and hints more at his dragon form (especially since the dragon on his jacket is only on the backside). I don't know if you want to consider putting it on the main design? Or if not maybe tweak his hair style slightly to suggest his dragon form. You can still do this while being realistic I feel. For example giving him sideburns since his dragon form has spikes on his cheeks?

Hopefully some of this was helpful! < 3

thank you lots for the critique and kind words! <: as for the suggestions, I am not going to change his design up, but I appreciate the suggestions, which sound cool! But it wouldn't be him anymore or how I imagine him. He likes to wear his jacket open most of the time, so his t-shirt helps with contrast there a lot . And he generally is a sucker for dark clothing anyway.

The special dragon thing is actually not something i focus on much, or draw much. It's just a side effect I added to him. He can half transform, or transform fully into dragon(s) which is the more important part and what I like to include or draw if I wanna show his dragon side ^^ It also wouldn't help much with hiding his identity from others when he had permanent burns showing the dragon thingy. He can hide his big ass dragon marking ("tattoo") but it wouldn't make much sense being able to magically hide burned parts in his hair. But again, it's still a cool idea! I actually had something burned in the sides of his hair before, but I didn't click with it.

No problem at all. That makes complete sense

Every time this guy appears in my subscription feed he always has so many cool new art pieces, idk if this makes sense but I love how much you clearly love this character, he's so cool

ahhh thank you so much! that's so kind of you c:
yea I have a fixation on him for a decade now kinda xD

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Thank you kindly of your sweet comment ;w; I appreciate it. I always try go give his forms some slightly different personalities and behaviors , so I'm glad to hear it's visible!

Can I just say first off his profile bio layout is amazing! I love the details in every sections, the menu slide is quite neat and the overall text style is wonderful! Next when focusing on Lui you did an amazing take on the chi and how he can control multiple types of chi forms but only uses the main few. His personality is a type I feel is more realistic too. I enjoyed reading through his bio quiet a lot and I love how you touched on his background. Everything is quite neat and the timeline is easy to understand. Defiantly a wonderful character! Added him to my favorites <3

Aw thanks for your sweet comment! I´m very happy to hear that. I have to say that I struggle with writing and it was especially hard to write all his stuff down without getting too confusing xD. So I´m happy you think that way 。^‿^。

Oh I feel that like everything is in your head but the minute you try to put it down in writing it leaves you or you ramble XD But overall you did excellent with him! <3

ahw thanks! 100% yes. xD head empty


;0; thank youu


O my, I really really like Lui! His design is really cool, I dig those detailed tattoos and the rainbow hair. O god, the rainbow hair is in such a cool place I love it! The blue glowing hoodie is also really sweet and the fact that he has dragon powers makes him even more incredible! ;w; ♡

ahh thank you ^w^

His design looks very cool! =D

Thank ya :) 💕


Aaah Thank you so much qwq

Oh my god he's literally so precious I'm sobbing ;o; Are you okay with fanart? Cuz this bean is just too darn cute to not draw!!