Xnākhtkāl "Nin Kala"



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Basic Info

Formal Name



Nin Kala (Goes by Nin, only for his sibling Muti, Cheleb, Io and Mimas)

Name Meaning

Xnākhtkāl - (Thai meaning "Future"), Nin - Thai name meaning "Sapphire", Kala - Sanskrit deity name meaning "Time"


Unknown (Appears to be "untouched by time"; 20 years old)


Genderfluid; some regions refer to by "he, him, his" while other regions refer to by "she, her, hers"; both regions depict very ambiguous in gender; Overall prefers male pronouns



Precious Gemstone

Star Sapphire (Violet)

Mist Ability

"True Sight"/Poison (Lost healing ability after ascension)

Favourite Meat



Death, Life, and Light

Personality Highlights

Tsundere | "Flighty" | Teasing towards his guests | (Can be) Condescending | Self Righteous | Apathetic | Elusive | Prejudice towards humans | Believes that Fate controls everything | Fair | Abrasive | Arrogant | Cold | Gentle to those he cares for | Childish (Behind closed doors) | Spoiled/Pampered | Loving/Friendly (Selective) | Firm | Resolute


True Neutral


Deity of Fate and the Sun (Associated with Time/Death)


STR 15 DEX 22 CON 21 INT 26 WIS 24 CHA 24 (Avatar only)


Kashi Pimchan's sibling, Cheleb's assigned deity, master of Mimas, and L'histoire Avera's friend


Summer Solstice (Combination of St. John's Day/Obon for Nin Kala, more details later)

Acquired Through



"... To know your future comes at the cost of something precious. Are you truly willing to pay that price, no matter what?"

Personality: Elusive, "flighty", tsundere, dislikes humans. He does not like to interfere with mortals, often hopping through time portals in an effort to not have to deal with them thus making it nearly impossible to find or "catch" him (if he doesn't want to be found that is). He has a special dislike of humans due to their treatment of his species, the Mosaics, which caused their extinction and therefore avoids them the most. There are rare occasions that he does allow those he deems worthy to meet him, however this is based off of certain levels of karma. He comes off apathetic, abrasive, arrogant, and overall cold and unfeeling to most mortals despite his being the aspect of the sun. Though to those close to him such as Muti, Cheleb, and Mimas he has a gentler side. In fact, he sometimes acts like a spoiled brat when around his Guardian Cheleb, often being rather childish but overall more friendly (He just likes being pampered, as do many deities of Lato).

Life Before Ascension: [COMING SOON]


* It is believed that the mist breath of Nin Kala, when inhaled, allows a person or creature to see into the future but only of their own demise. Most mortals are too stubborn to believe their fates though and often either think there is a way to cheat fate or change it. Nin Kala does not tell anyone whether they can change their fates (especially those who do not believe his prophesies of mist, viewing this as arrogance), though he knows that the karma that a being accumulates will determine their fate and whether or not it will change or remain stagnant based on their choices in life.

* He lives in a rain forest and his temple is located in the more mountainous areas. Even if the way to finding him is perilous and sometimes even impossible due to his elusive nature, Nin Kala will only allow those who are able to visit him to inhale the mist if they offer something precious as tribute to him in exchange. This usually is a body part or one of three senses (Sight, Speech, Hearing) and it is determined by fate from the roll of a specially made die. It is a hefty price, but to know one's own future is a gift that Nin Kala feels is equivalent exchange. As if to rub salt in the wound, he even makes the individual roll the die for themselves to determine what they will lose.

* Because of Nin Kala's favoured meat types being human and purrmaid it is believed that he was the start of the war between humans and purrmaids in Lato. In order to appease the Deity of Fate, both sides have waged war on each other and offer tribute of the opposing side's flesh in hopes that he will aid their side of the war. However, due to the nature of the deity he will never favor either side, even if he detests humans. Nin Kala would see to it that humans were driven to the brink of extinction if he could after what they did to the mosaics, however he would hate to lose out on prize meats like that...

* Upon ascension he lost his ability to heal with his mist and instead gained the ability of "True Sight" which is what allows him to see the future. He still has the ability to poison with his mist and often uses it for his defense should anything ever happen to both Mimas and his Guardian Cheleb.

* Nin Kala is viewed as ruthless by some other deities because he is the only one to have a Guardian that has been stripped of flesh (Cheleb's feet) by their deity's own hand. However, it was from Cheleb's own decision that he has lost his feet and only skeletal bone remains. Cheleb was a [*Solar] in his past life before he became a Guardian and he had decided to serve Nin Kala as his deity. Cheleb was under the impression that he would be able to affect people more positively by serving the God of Fate, though he did not fully understand the circumstances of his decision. As a servant of Fate, he is not meant to interfere with mortal decisions or try to change their outcomes as Nin Kala explained that their goal is mainly to maintain the balance and mortals must make their own decisions which affects their karma. In order to serve Nin Kala, Cheleb was told that he like the mortals must be willing to take risks and so he rolled the die which determined his loss. Cheleb does not hold any grudges towards Nin Kala, though in the beginning he did feel deceived and has since then learned the truth of Nin Kala's warning and respects him for his adherence to the laws of fate. Whether they be cruel or just, Cheleb supports Nin Kala knowing now that he only acts out of fairness.

* Solar - A type of outsider (Angel, demon, genies - All Guardians are considered outsiders and any of the three aforementioned may choose to become a Guardian and lose their "Angel, demon, or genie" allegiance) in Lato that comes from a different plane of the world. Solars are specifically of the angel variety. (Currently in brackets because it is undecided just what type of outsider Cheleb really is, more details will come when his species is decided, as well as more to come in general as Lato is fleshed out more)