[WIP] Isblau Cristata



Isblau Cristata

Basics:She/her pronouns. In her mid-20s. Born December 29th.
Obtained:October 9th, 2016

An axe-wielding harpy from Fontanelle who climbed ranks quickly due to her quick and efficient battle style. Satisfied with her progress and lack of guilt toward killing sapient beings, Isblau was chosen to attend Heaven College. Mind eroded from a lifetime of being treated as a weapon and little else, her bloodlust gradually overtook her, first presenting itself as brutalizing corpses and culminating in indiscrimately murdering anyone who got too close to her. Unable to manage her, Heaven College kicked her out and dropped her into Hell College with the hopes that she'd take some Hell College students down with her as a bonus. She now lurks within Hell College's labyrinth, killing as she pleases without a care in the world.

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