The Watchmaker



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The Watchmaker

Name 은재민/Jaemin
Age ???(appears possibly mid-late 30s?)
Gender Male
Ethnicity Korean
Role Watchmaker


  • Horology
  • taking time
  • making time


  • the 'daily grind'
  • being hurried
  • being rushed

cloistered . esoteric . reticent

"Take a seat. Please wait. Make time for me and I, in turn, will make time for you."

The Watchmaker works in his shop house day in and day out and, as his name suggests, he makes and repairs clocks and watches. His shop is a narrow, tall sliver of a space, wedged neatly in the bustling city core. It's one of those shops that look as though they have been there forever-with an antique appearance both outside and in.

For you, he will build any clock and repair any watch. He'll provide you with an estimated day that the order will be completed by, and he'll never be late.

He seems to be relatively well known, yet no one seems to know him well. Though he is polite, well spoken, and easy to get along with, nobody ever seems familliar enough with him to even know him on a first name basis. He keeps to himself, alone, in his tiny little clock shop. Even still, he has the uncanny ability to be exactly where he needs to be, when he needs to be there.

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