[WIP] Velutia Aurore



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Basic Info


Roses, pretty much anything related to roses, okay pretty much anything related to flowers honestly, things that are small and cute, walking through gardens, reading, tea, delicate foods, glassware, spiraling architecture, mathematics, brushing her hair, alone time, long baths.


Winter, being forced into conversations, pushy people, high-energy people/environments/situations, garlic, messy foods, having no time to recharge and destress, feeling her job is thankless, uncomfortable furniture.


Velutia Aurore

Basics:She/her pronouns. 22 years old. Born February 9th.
Obtained:October 21st, 2016

The princess of the Rose Kingdom and heiress of the Aurore family. Velutia was raised to be polite, poised, and graceful in all things, and that she is. She's well-spoken and cool-headed to the point where people often believe she has no emotions. She's still a reserved and collected person on the inside as well, but she does exaggerate a bit to ensure that she doesn't draw suspicion. She's actually a member of the Discitus Union and is seeking a way to escape her kingdom without having it fall apart so that she can join them in their space-faring adventures. She seeks new experiences and knowledge, but reading books and learning about her own world just isn't enough to satisfy her. With Rize's help, she hopes to learn enough about her kingdom's secrets to find a way to make her disappearance beneficial.

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