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Basic Info

Full Name

Aqua of Une




Ageless (appears 17-18)








Divine II of Water


A Star Child linked to the prescence of water on the twin worlds of Erebus and Ranegus, he is disliked by quite a few of his siblings for his seemingly brat-like nature.  However, in reality he conceals a childhood full of torment and living in the shadow of his deceased predecessor.


Aqua likes to keep himself well-groomed.  Short and slender, he is among the smallest of the Star-Children.  His hair is naturally blonde and consists of a fringe with two long forelocks.  His eyes are blue and he has thick eyebrows.  He generally wears sandles or goes completely barefoot.  Aqua likes to wear jewelry, and is commonly seen wearing tear-drop shaped blue earrings - he also often takes inspiration from fashion trends amongst mortals on Erebus.


Often, Aqua comes off as selfish and brattish, throwing the occasional tantrum if things aren't going his way.  In reality, Aqua is extremely defensive as a result of bullying in his childhood years.  He has learned that lashing out verbally is usually the only way he can get attention or even be listened to. 

He is often shaken by comparisons to his deceased sister Zita, the previous Water Divine.  Many of the bullying incidents in his childhood stemmed from his siblings comparing him to her and insisting he'd never be anything compared to her - made all the more true in Aqua's mind by his complete lack of power where his Divine siblings have it in droves.  These comparisons had a deep effect on him, making him question his identity and resulted in a deep inferiority complex.  As a further result, he is extremely careful about who he allows to get close to him, and often makes out he is more of a brat than he actually is to drive people away.

Aqua is in love with Athauror, despite not meeting him under the best of circumstances.  Athauror does not provoke the usual defensive reaction and Aqua finds he can be himself around the Leviathan, without fear of being compared to his dead sister.


  • All Star-Children - siblings
  • Athauror - lover
  • Doros - captor
  • Shirinax - captor


  • He is an excellent swimmer and has also taught himself to hold his breath for long periods of time.
  • Sol attempted to educate him on the history of their people, but Aqua often fell asleep during his lectures, bored out of his mind.
  • Likes to collect pieces of jewellry from Erebus.
  • One of his hobbies is dancing.
  • He is the only Star-child Divine to have a numeric title in his name, due to his status as Zita's successor.
  • He is also the only Divine not to display any particular power.  His presence stabilises the waters, proving he does have power, but he has never shown Zita's ability of hydrokinesis or something similar.
  • Of all his siblings, he is closest to Artifex and Lucifer.
  • Aqua does not like hugs, at all.  Very few people can hug him without him wanting to escape.