๐ŸŒŠ๐Ÿชถ Eilian



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Basic Info

Belongs to Boaty & Datura
OPEN for Art (High Priority)
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Name Eilian
Nickname(s) [N/A]
Species Paralogos
Word Hiraeth
Maturity Elder
Gender Agender (they/them)
HEIGHT 71 cm / 2'4"
Theme [song]

Caretaker Sadaf
Masterlist #452
Art Fight Profile







Hiraeth: (Cymraeg)ย 

  1. A homesickness for a home one can't return to or never was.
  2. Longing. Homesick for a home you can never return to. Grieving the lost places and moments of your past. A sense of loss of loving moments and places you remember fondly.
  3. The place where my spirit lives.

Personality: Wistful, Sentimental, Nostalgic, Empathetic, Daydreamer

Likes: Telling and Hearing Stories, Bittersweet and Cathartic Novels, Beautiful Scenery, Photography, Journaling, Writing Letters, Folk Music and Oldies

Dislikes: Stifling Their Emotions, Carelessness Towards the Environment

Design Notes:

  • The image on their sail rotates between (often vague, blurry, or abstract) depictions of things they've heard people express hiraeth over
    • Items/patterns/colors from happy but long-gone memories, beautiful scenery untouched by pollution or corruption, etc.
    • These images are always framed in a light grey fog around the edges, giving them a dream-like appearance
  • The tear on their face are just tear-shaped markings, not actual tears
    • They're always present, regardless of mood and facial expression
  • Their tear markings and the wavy line markings on their tail are glowy
  • Body markings loosely resemble a Welsh landscape
    • Smudgy and abstracted as if drawn in chalk (not an intricately detailed landscape)
    • Partially obscured by rusty patches and pale grey fog

Character Notes:

  • After their elderly former caretaker died, they sold all of their belongings and set off on a Journey to the Sea, which they knew only from old photos/art, books, and their caretaker's reminiscing. This brought them to Sermos' largely-abandoned coastal district, where they promptly got mugged and left in a dumpster, where Fishbones and Suds found them.
  • After going home with the two kind dumpster divers who rescued them in their hour of need, they decided to stay at the Coastal Library and use their skills as a novelist and oral storyteller to inspire folks to restore the ocean to its former glory.
  • Akoiromantic
  • Plays Welsh folk music on the crwth (bowed lyre) and occasionally the flute