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The shining delta matriarch
April 4th
Stay-at-home mom
Ancient Fallarbor town
Em, Delta
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3,000 years ago, Emmy was the young head of the Draconids, with Rayquaza as her really big dog. But then a whole bunch of nonsense happened, she died, and then she WAS Rayquaza. It was confusing at first, but she decided to go with it anyways.

Given her age, Emmy has been through... a lot. Religious conflict, wars, national changes, making fun of the neighborhood rich twink, flirting with cute girls, she's done it all.
But through everything, she never really settled down in one place, and preferred going with the wind - or sometimes just sleeping for hundreds of years straight.

A long and confusing series of events involving a meteor eventually resulted in Emmy finding a long term relationship with Renee. Though originally unsure about staying, Emmy soon found herself in a place where she felt comfortable and happy, and she was able to find a family in people she wouldn't expect to, and for that, she's eternally grateful.

Sometime shortly after the Galactic incident, a vague gift from Arceus eventually resulted in the birth of her daughter, Pearl. Since then, Emmy has mostly been a stay at home mom, and has had no problem with that.
While she's been through a lot, in the end, she's still her same charismatic and loving self, ready to help others whenever she can. It's been 3,000 years, but she's still just Emmy.


Emmy is 6'6" (198cm), with a muscular build - though it's mostly obscured by her hoodie. She has dark green hair in an undercut style, and it does like... a fwoosh thing. She has the staple red Draconid eyes, as well as slightly pointier canines. She has quite a bit of scarring on her body, though it's often unseen.

She almost always wears a dark green hoodie, steel-toed combat boots, and old jeans; to the point where she'll wear it in inappropriate weather conditions as a running gag. Her only other real outfits are her pajamas, which are really just whatever old t-shirt she could find and boxers.


While her image in the past been rather tough, Emmy's always been a big softie. She's always valued her family above all else, and cares about them more than anything in the world. While she's always been like this, it is true that she's a lot more openly soft nowadays.
This also applies in her romantic endeavors, as she's rather notably affectionate towards her wife, and loves to tell everyone how wonderful she is.

Which isn't to say she isn't tough, - there's a reason she's been around this long, and it's because of a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to conflict and incidents. She's rarely hesitant in stressful situations where she knows something needs to be done. (Unless it involves family, in which it kind of becomes a mess)

In the past, Emmy struggled with finding ways to cope with immortality that resulted in her being rather snappy, but she feels like she's in a place where that's behind her. She's not a big fan of it, but she's trying to make amends when she can.


im DEFINITELY not writing emmys entire backstory right now. thats something for when i know how to write


Emissary of Rayquaza:

  • Manipulation of wind and air:
    • Self-explanatory. She has the ability to control wind and air however she chooses.
  • Guardian of Hoenn:
    • For thousands of years, Emmy has been a guardian of Hoenn, and it's been her responsibility to make sure order is kept in place, both ecologically and among the inhabitants of the region. 
  • Peacekeeper of other legends:
    • Since Emmy has survived the longest, Arceus has trusted her to make sure major conflict between legends doesn't spark out - not just in Hoenn, but around the world. She dislikes using permanent force and usually just seals troublemakers away.
  • Mega evolution:
    • While in the form of Rayquaza, she can mega evolve with the help of a keystone holder, as she is unable to activate a keystone herself.
  • Look she can turn into a dragon dude she's just really fucking strong. Her powers are close to Arceus themselves.
  • Conditional immortality:
    • Emmy, like all other legends, stopped aging physically at age 21, and cannot die from old age. She is capable of dying by other means, but like, good luck with that.
  • Emmy is very charismatic, and prefers to talk her way out of situations rather than use physical force. Though she used this a lot more back during conflicts to get her way, it still proves useful in more mundane situations.
    • She's also incredibly good at flirting - and she knows this. 
  • Emmy is old. Like, really old. And with age comes a whole lot of stuff... she considers being alive so long to be a skill, anyways.
    • Emmy is completely fluent in pretty much every language spoken, though some of her dialects might be outdated.
    • She's a walking archive of Draconid history, considering she's... literally Rayquaza. While the Draconid language is almost dead and lots of Draconid legends are almost lost, Emmy keeps what's been long forgotten with her.


-Emmy has her own theme by circlejourney ! You can listen linked above. dont roast my video editing pls
-Emmy suffers from chronic migraines.
-She texts like an awkward dad and easily gets mixed up on memes Pearl tries to show her.
-When met with someone she knew in the past who recognizes her, she'll always respond with "...maybe?" when they ask if she's the same Emmy.
-She keeps a calendar of past friend's birthdays, and remembers to visit their graves to give them flowers.
-Up until she got married, Emmy didn't have a last name, as ancient Draconids didn't have them, and she didn't choose to use the modern lorekeeper line's last name. If she were to use it, her last name would be Higan, like Orchid.


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