1 year, 4 months ago


"A religion of evil, you worship the devil? Why not worship God? Why not worship Buddha? Why not the good? Twist it around, let them listen to the lies that religion perpetuates. Already, their screams for salvation...let God fill you with light."

Balan was actually born and raised in St. Prian, always seeing the religions that gathered in this sacred holy ground. Sacred for their teachings an teaching everyone about religion, it was quite nice to see them falter at times. Good people to follow the teachings of the holy, already, the workings of God...Satan. God. Whatever, all the same to him. Balan actually traveled around the entire Limbo region when young, since he was 8. He was used to it, traveling, and he didn't mind hitching a ride with others to preach. Just preach about different religions, all kinds, all those religions with their tiny aspects that make them, them. All of cute, those birds flying, doves to him, always doves. The demons were a lot nicer than they let on, perhaps he can show them salvation as he worked to the bone to preach. Returning to St. Prian, those burnings...already used to them, and yet it made his heart ache. Already, some who have lost their way, why did they not respect the nature of God like that? He wept as he kept praying and preaching for Salvation as he helped the masses, already, his they reach? He hopes so.

Balan is quite kind, always helping others as he's talking about God's love. ...Unfortunately he can't default to Satan. He hates it. At least he can explain with his words but GOD HE HATES THE FACT HE CAN'T DEFAULT TO THAT. SO MANY MISUNDERSTANDINGS. SO. MANY. HE HATES IT SO MUCH. UGH. In any case at least he's fine with teaching and preaching all he wants. God help him if he finds someone disrespecting his home region and what it stands for, though, just taking the world's evils on them...he'll gladly go with them to hell. If he can burn...let him burn. He does have his own faults, though. Just liking someone fall before laughing it can be funny. Come on you were in front of the cart and then the apples fell as you fell, it's funny! ...And if he thinks about it he's really insensitive whoops. He does listen to other people, but his own opinions take presidence. He knows a lot of things, he's studied a lot, leave him alone, he knows more than you think. Pricks that don't know a thing. Leave him alone, ugh. He trusts his own knowledge way too much at times, so when he finds something that he doesn't know about...he actually panics. Heavy breathing panic of not able to concentrate. And he HATES it, let him be smart, dammit, UGH HE CAN'T OUST THE OTHER THING THAT DESTROYED HIS INTELLIGENCE GOD. HE HATES IT SO MUCH. Ugh, oh well, he can study it and then use that information to his gain. God he loves knowledge as much as he loves God. ...Don't tell anyone he said that, it's embarrassing. He has a hard time explaining his intentions at times, always talking about God when he wants to talk about something else. It...actually really sucks. He's studied ways around it, thankfully, and wouldn't mind helping others with it. ...He's keeping notes of that with his magic. He feels like it could be useful. He loves notes. So much. He loves all the notes to help. Little things kept hidden with his magic and in journals, one can never be too sure if their fount of knowledge will help another person. Already, so many in contact...he wants to interact with them all. And he will keep in contact, already, his teachings, let it reach the masses and let it soothe their hearts. ...God, even with the evil that he is, he just wants to be good...