2 years, 5 months ago


Born and raised in Costa Rica until her parents could afford sending her to the western US to study and live her life to the fullest, she quickly picked up an affinity for computer science and working out. A track-and-field scholarship went a long way getting her through college, even if her true passion is swimming, a natural match given her species, slender body, and lack of breasts.

The liberating environment, thousands of miles from her parents and surrounded by people her age, lent itself to an age of self-discovery, the most important of which was the realization women are just as fun to be with as men, and that sex can run the gamut from an intimate display of affection with someone she enjoys being with, to a chance for practicing rope knots and giving her stamina a rigorous testing, adding more (and more extreme) practices as she becomes more comfortable with her partner.

She's usually dressed in sporty outfits that showcase her body, tight jeans or leggings and shirts that expose her mid-section, or loose and masculine winter clothing that can give her a more androgynous look. Sneakers are a staple, but combat boots have their place in her wardrobe and she'll quickly seize any opportunity to wear heels, even if adding a few inches to her natural height means she towers over most other species.

Emille is my "main" OC, the one I have the most art of, the one I play the most, and the one I share a lot of interactions with my partner with. As much as I don't consider her a fursona I still see a funny shark on the internet and go "that me" or "that emille"