Aoi Himura



2 years, 3 months ago


Aoi Himura 🧫 Ultimate Pathologist 🧫 agender pal (they/them) 🧫 would rather read ship fic than go on an actual date 🧫 virgo

Aoi isn't as well known outside of their field, but their sharp eye for inconsistencies led to some breakthroughs in early diagnosis of lymphoma during an otherwise routine internship. They're generally friendly and their medical insight turns out to be crucial aboard the Dreadnought, but the blasé way they talk about injury, disease, and death can easily unsettle their classmates.

Likes: Oversized sweaters, cats, science fiction

Dislikes: Sunburns, bright lights, messy food


  • That is a binder under their sweater, and if you do an alt outfit where it would logically be visible, please add it in! They mostly wear big cozy sweaters or jackets, leggings, and those boots.
  • The ref shows their eyes without the sunglasses, but please don't remove them! They're prescription.