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Name Taffy
Age 748
Gender Female
Orientation Hetero
Species Imp
Height 4'6"/137cm
Likes Cupcakes
Dislikes Veggies
When is it time to close, so I can eat all the cake?

A demon summoned by Jerry, a baker that descended from a bloodline of demon summoners. He asked for a succubus, and instead got Taffy. Though considered a "succubus" in the legal sense according to the guys in the courthouse down in Hell, she's really not much like one. Jerry also got the spell wrong, but instead of sending him a Minotaur, they decided to throw him a bone because they recognized his surname.

Taffy is good at her new patissiere job, working with ease and specializing in sweet desserts. In return as part of the pact between her and Jerry, whatever doesn't sell by the end of the day is hers to eat. Spoiled rotten, needy, and a bit of a crybaby, even though she's diligent and hardworking.

On occasion she visits a castle on the hill where Lady Ruby lives. Sometimes Candika is also there, as well as Michael. It's hard to say whether they're her friends or not, but Jerry worries about her being around them...