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Blood, seafood, intimidating others, being complimented, head scratches (but don't tell anyone), napping, a good book, the heart behind something hand-made, fancy parties and events, examining suitors, night, gentle noises, expensive glassware, the look of blood gushing out of someone, being begged for mercy, playing with his food.


Laser pens (why won't it stay in one place!!!), dogs, energetic animals in general, people who don't know when to stay quiet, being woken up, being interrupted or disturbed, those who lack class, water, fruit, being treated like a cat (...unless he likes you).


Diaemus Desmodus

Basics:He/him pronouns. Unknown age. Born December 6th.
Obtained:January 17th, 2017

A Cornish Rex Catto Conjurer who was a pet to a wealthy but mysterious family prior to his death. When he was reborn as a Catto Conjurer, his soul wound up spliced with that of a vampire bat, giving him a lust for blood and the ability to control it. He loves nothing more than toying with people and then sucking them dry, using any blood he doesn't consume as weaponry. Despite his dangerous personality, he has a soft spot for the young girl who he was once the pet of. He went so far as to abduct her from her home - filled with cultists who desired to use the girl for purposes unknown - and keep her safe by his side. He's okay with her treating him like a cat, but anyone else who tries to will die a slow and agonizing death.

(awkwardly keeps info from creator here also) his Real name is snowball but i wouldn't call him that unless you want all of the blood drained from your pitiful flesh husk

Cornish Rex (Eyyy look a Catto Conjurer) - "Huhuhu, as long as you let me drink and have fun, you won't have to worry about watching your own back...~"
This Cornish Rex's soul had been spliced with a Vampire Bat's before being reborn. However, unlike Hainu Knights whose dog+bird souls are able to work to sync with one another, this Catto Conjurer came out with an unstable mentality and personality. They've grown a taste for blood, and have the power to manipulate it at one's will. For example, they can toss daggers formed from blood, and can even use the blood spilled from their enemies against them. Because of his powers and self-control, owners should practice a sense of caution around him.

The Cornish Rex and the Vampire Bat both died from poisoning.

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