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Terror Mountain, Neopia


Colour: Brown (alt: Christmas/Plushie)

How are there so many Neopet colours? How did the Faeries get here? Why does the food shop restock "3 times as much!!!" and yet still gets wiped out at but a moment's notice? Does King Altador ever run out of Hero Gyros? What in the world is the deal with Fish Jelly? For that matter, is Jelly World real? Are we even real?

Cedrus ponders these things frequently, and in all his attentiveness he still can't figure it out. His whole life he sought for answers through countless numbers of books: after he had read all he could, he went to pursue a four-year in Brightvale, majoring in Paintbrush Science, in hopes of finding some rhyme or reason behind it.

But his academic days brought more questions than answers. The curriculum was vague and the ancient documents were filled yet with unexplained emoticons and texting lingo. The tipping point was when he asked his professor, an old, ill-tempered Lupe from Y3, about how Ice Bori have a steady conversion rate with no paint brush to speak of. In a long-winded lecture among unintelligible grumbles of the "Premium perk..", he warned, "Bring anything like that up again, and you might get frozen. And not the colour."

Concluding that the labor bore itself little fruit, the young Bori vanished without a trace from campus soon thereafter. Feeling it right to return to the place of his ancestors, he took residence in a quaint little cottage up in the very peaks of Terror Mountain—said to have been leased by "The Neopets Team" years ago, whoever that might be. To this day he pours over lore, doctrine and literature, conducting research.. though much of it is under wraps, should any Neopian overlords find out. 

Accompanying him through the cold winter nights is Gerald, a yippy Gruslen he spotted romping through the snow around the property. The small fellow took a liking to him and often naps near the fireplace as he works.