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Craig is a traveling merchant, restorer and reseller of furniture, tools and weaponry. With a keen eye, he sifts around secondhand shops and gathering spots for goods at bargain prices or merely in need of light restoration. He then takes them, does what he can to get them in top shape, and flips his acquisitions in the outposts. Originally a side hustle so he could pay for training at the guild, it came to him that it made a comfortable chunk of change and he sought to pursue it full time.

That has him in a near constant state of travel, for aside from the outposts he frequents between Caerpinwyd and Volkhov, he doesn't have a 'home base', per se. At the posts, he sells his goods, mingles with the day's visitors and pawns old items from passersby—and particularly at the couple closer to his old residence, he's known to chatter with his old acquaintances from the guild. He makes occasional trips out closer to Murad for more exotic goods, but these are limited in scope, lest it get too hot. It's not without its returns when he does, however: the rarer Murad specimens are exotic, big-ticket items back in Volkhov.

Craig's not one to rip you off—not intentionally, anyway. Dealing with other sellers, he's a little quick to call the authenticity or true rarity of the items he seeks out. If some dude tells him a rusty old sword is 5000 years old and is cast of pure crystallum, fair chance he'll believe it and pitch it as such. This tends to be innocuous, though, depending on the hyperbole.