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Universe Pending... Please Stand By!

Hello, and welcome to my! Pardon the dust, I'm still working on profiles and art.


  • I am very forgetful. If I own you something, like art or money, please don't hesitate to remind me if I take a while to get it to you!
  • I have a hard time telling tone and intent from text alone. If possible, please use tone tags or some other way of indicating tone when talking to me!
  • While I do have a favorites folder called "Cool Designs", it is in no way a 'dreamie' folder. It's quite literally just characters that I think look cool.
  • I swear a lot while talking to other people. If you don't want me swearing around you, just let me know!


  • Draw art of my characters!
  • Ask me for character/design trades!
  • Talk to me about my interests!
  • Ask to be friends!


  • Steal, copy, or otherwise claim my characters as your own.
  • Take inspiration from my characters without letting me know.
  • Write, draw, or otherwise produce ANY NSFW of my characters.
  • Block me and not let me know the reason. Chances are, I wasn't aware of something.

These are character warnings that generally apply to my OCs across the board. More detailed warnings will appear on specific characters once I find the time. Additionally, some warnings may not apply right now.


  • Human Expermentation/Nonconsensual Body Modification
  • Murder/Death/Blood/Major Injuries
  • Body Horror
  • Bright Colors/Eyestrain


  • blah blah basic dni
  • If you call yourself 'proship' and/or 'anti-anti'
  • If you know me IRL or think you do, ask before interacting.

Users that I do not want any of my characters or designs belonging to. If you are associated with any of these people, you are not allowed to interact with me unless I initate the conversation.


  • no one!
    • N/A
  • no one!
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  • no one!
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  • no one!
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