[WIP] Eleutheria Parthenope



Eleutheria Parthenope

Basics:She/her pronouns. 20 years old. Born March 30th.
Obtained:January 23rd, 2017

A unicorn noble from a faraway land of flowers and rainbows and butterflies. Eleutheria has been raised like a princess, taught to be prim and proper and always polite. On the outside she upholds that, but on the inside she has a burning desire to frolic about in mud and let her hair down and get her dresses all torn up and kiss girls and listen to rock and roll and eat big messy cheeseburgers!! When she got an invitation to Heaven College she was partially excited and partially worried. She would have more freedom, but at the same time there was more pressure to make her family look good. She tries to uphold her teachings, but without her family watching her every move it's becoming increasingly difficult for her to hold back her true self...

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