Na'im Rasim (Old Na'im Bio (LEGACY))



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Basic Info


Na'im Rasim



Physical Description:

- Stocky build - 5' 6" - Black hair (cropped short or it becomes unmanageably curly) - Black eyes - Dark brown skin - Wide, hooked nose - Wide, full mouth - Scars over his lips


Reserved and quiet, thoughtful. Not prone to violence but capable of it. Thinks of himself as closer to a tool than a proper human being, and puts a lot of value on his usefulness to the Silver Asphodels. Easily sets himself single-mindedly to tasks or orders.


Low and muted, sometimes unable to speak




Original fantasy


THIS IS NAIM'S ORIGINAL BIO! IT IS NOT ACCURATE BUT ONLY HERE FOR REFERENCE OR CURIOSITY. He was once played much younger, before he became the leader of the Silver Asphodels.


Na'im has a rarely-discussed past as a holy man, and while he says little about it, the rune cut into his lips easily marks him as a (former) 'sheyfer', a silent priest of Al-Bahiun. Bijan, leader of the Silver Asphodels, is responsible for breaking the magical seal over Na'im's voice and completely divorcing him from his past, for better or for worse.

A few of the other members of the Asfahils have eked out names like Alon and Talib, either through honest means or pilfering his journals.
Talib was his caretaker at the temple, the man who raised him, and who Na'im replaced as the sheyfer when the older man died.
Alon was more to Na'im once than he has words to describe. Alon was his world, his best friend, his partner, and Na'im's devotion to him was absolute. But Alon had quick hands and a sly heart and when he went thieving in the Asfahil coffers, Alon chose to run for his life and leave Na'im behind in the hands of Bijan rather than face the consequences of his actions.

Ongoing story:

 Na'im is unmoored from anyone who cared for him (and believes that it's his fault) and unmoored from his faith (the thing he most closely tied his worth to), which has made it somewhat easy for Bijan to shape Na'im into what he wants.

He doesn't fraternize well with the other Asphodels and mostly keeps to himself, working at his training or journaling or on any number of menial tasks he can get at just to keep his hands busy and his mind still.
He feels like he's in limbo, just waiting for some unknown thing to bend or break or arrive in a fiery conflagration, and in the meantime, all he can do is answer to Bijan's beck and call. Missions and tasks break up some of the monotony, but it's only ever a brief break from the hollow growing in his chest.


+ Powerfully loyal
- Can be powerfully loyal to the wrong people

+ Single-minded focus
- Difficult to sway from mistakes once set in motion

+ Highly intelligent
- Emotionally repressed

- Stuck in his own head
- Self-effacing
- Bad coping skills


Formerly affiliated with:
Alon Al-Asad

Currently affiliated with:

Silver Asphodels