The Attuned (Epifanio "E" Agnusdei)



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Nickname(s): E
Full Name: Epifanio Agnusdei
Age: ~1000
Gender: Nah [He/She/They/It/etc., no preference]
Orientation: Shrugs [People don't really stick around long enough for that.]

Species: Presumed Human, Dead God Offal

Physical Traits: Has better control over their horrible slime-body than before- can manage minor shifting without fully changing form. Has two sets of teeth. [Check main tab for other phys. info]
Bio: Ah, shit, they're still alive. For some reason, the Halo being completely wiped skipped over some folks- and Epifanio is one of them. 1000 years later, they're still kicking, though the shock of... you know. Having ████ ██████ ████ ███████████ ██ █████ ██ ███ has left them more than a little neurotic and suffering from some unresolved feelings.
They've taken up painting! Y'know, places and people lost to time. Even if nobody else knows, they refuse to let themself forget.
When they're not painting, they're wandering the woods they live in, lounging around, or putting themself into a metabolic sleep state by intentionally overeating. The last one makes it hard for them to hold regular jobs, but that's alright. People pay them to act as a body double for events they don't want to attend themselves, be it work related, family gatherings, or shit house parties.
They're fine, by the way. After the first couple centuries of seeking out any survivors, and then the centuries of travelling around, looking for historical texts, and then quietly returning to their homeland to discover a new city being built over its grave, they're used to everything. So they're fine. Even though they've stopped dressing nice, or talking much, and even though the discovery that ███ ███ ███ █████████ █████ ████ ██ █████ █████ was around the same time they started breaking out into cold sweats for no reason, and having meltdowns, they're doing really good, actually.
Don't ask about it. They don't want to talk. ████ ██.
█████'█ █ ███ ██████ ██████ ██ ████. ██ █████ ████ ██ ███ ███ ████ ███ ██████. ████ ███ ████ ██ ████████ ██████ █████ ██ ████ █████████. ██ █████. ██ █████ ████ ████ ██ █████ ███████. 

Strengths: Moderately good at art, very good at mimicking other people.
Weaknesses: Keeps having these... meltdowns? Every couple of days. Bad dissociative episodes and a loss of vision and motor skills. Only lasts for an hour, tops.
Likes: Painting, uh... um. Well, surely something else. [Dressing up, though they rarely allow themself to do so. Particularly delicious food. Honest people.]
Dislikes: A lot. [Loud/busy places, people who tell 'white lies'. Themself, a bit. Fire.]

Content Level: Lite NSFW
Warnings: General Content Warning, Suggestive Themes