keeble / f2u html's Comments

lo voy a usar para uno de mis personajes! 

using!! thank you so much! ;v;

Is it ok to use this? It would just fit so well on my oc!

yes, of course you may! :> please make sure the credit is still in tact when installing of course!

Thank you soooo much!!! Your codes are all so great!! Also I wouldn't remove the credits, of course!!

This is so cute!!! :0 May use this for one of my characters hehe. It fits her really well!

thank you!! ;w; <3 if you do id love to see, thanks so much for considering use!!

I've already used it for two characters actually :3 They're both wips because their previous back stories are old and neither have that many art pieces of them, but here are the two I have so far:

Clementine and Remiel

OH CUTE... LOVE THE ORANGE THEME FOR CLEMENTINE .. AND TSUN REMIEL!!! VERY CUTE! theyre looking great so far, i wish you luck with finishing em!! :0



YEAH ABSOLUTELY!!! AND YEAH OFC MY FRIEND, just drop the mock-up whenever you're ready >;3


WAHH OK AWESOME!! cant wait to see your mock up!! :0