hello!! using this code for my profile :)

Used This one for my Night Fury OC! :O

Using it! Thanke you, it so cool!


using!! :]

im gonna us3 so cut3!!!

thank you for using!! :DD yes, the music player can be a little picky sometimes !! TT ofc i can help, feel free to send the entire code via a pastebin so i can look at it :'D

i used here - thank you so much!! <3

Using <3 Thank you!


i used it !

thank you for using so many of my codes!!! TT <333

Pog your codes are very pretty 💗


thank you so much for making it! i love it and im using, did some simple edits too ~ https://toyhou.se/7004240.koda

using this!!!!!!!thanku sm!!!!!!

thank u so much for using!! :D <3


hi there!! thanks for using my code! the music player can be quite finicky, and even a tiny edit can make it break. thankfully i was able to install the edits you've already made onto the code with a working music player right here!

i'd suggest using the live code editor if you aren't already using it when editing it, and checking the music player is continuing to work by hovering over the play button and watching your pointer become a clicking hand. if it does that that means it still works!

i hope this helped you out!

Thankyou for providing! Editing to use on my profile, thankyou!

OH WOW I REALLY LIKE HOW U CUSTOMIZED IT!!! thank u so much for using!

probably using :3!

The music player doesn't seem to work for me. I pasted in the youtube embed link, but clicking the play button does nothing :/

the youtube code tends to be a bit finicky sometimes. if youd like, please send me a pastebin or google doc of your edited code, and ill fix it so that it works!

Using this rn as a joke/placeholder. I really like the code, so sorry for massacring it

its all good my friend!! use it however you want >3<b


tyyyy for the compliment!! :''DD and yeah, this code was pretty simple to convert so i thought why not!! (accidentally used my main to reply to this,, so if you saw that... no you didnt..)