Solar Blitz



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Fluttershy X Pharynx

Name: Solar Blitz

Nicknames: Blitz, Sol, Hothead

Species: Pegasus/Changeling

Gender: male

Cutie mark: a shield with a padlock, this represents his ability as a protector

The young son of Fluttershy, Blitz is bull-headed and short tempered much like Pharynx in his younger days. He often gets into fights and is quite the bully so folks tend to avoid him. Fluttershy tries her best to try and calm him down but there's not much she can do since Blitz really isn't interested in drinking tea and talking things out or helping with her animals. He wants to race, he wants to fight, he wants to do dangerous things! What he wants most of all is to join the royal guard but his nasty temperament is something that will make that impossible. He rebels against authority at every turn except when it comes from certain ponies, like Tempest Shadow or Pharynx; they have a way of inspiring respect in him due to their stern demeanour and strength. However this bad behaviour only happened after an accident involving his former friend Golden Wind (Cadance's kid). He was involved and actually saved her life but the aftermath left her bitter and resentful that he came out with some scars whereas she lost her wings. His parents wonder if his anger is fuelled by guilt for not protecting Wind or he's if he's still trying to deal with the traumatic event. 

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