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Fluttershy X Pharynx

Name: Orchid 

Nicknames: Buggy, Pink

Species: Pegasus/Changeling 

Gender: female

Cutie mark: A bird singing, represents her singing and voice mimicking ability.

Orchid is many things but if she had to be described in one word it would be hard-working. She works in Rarity's boutique and loves designing new clothes, she gets along very well with Rarity but to the point where she'd rather be around her than her own family. Mainly because her mother just isn't into the same things as her making it hard to connect even though Fluttershy tries her best. Orchid prefers not to think about this and just pretends everything is fine even when Rarity tries to bring it up. This also applies to her appearance as instead of voicing her concerns she just covers up how insecure she feels as a half breed. She desperately wants to feel like she belongs and that she's normal. Despite half breeds becoming more common there still is some prejudice against them, especially in the school yard and children can be so cruel sometimes.

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