[WIP] Dauphine Nacreous



Dauphine Nacreous

Basics:He/him pronouns. Unknown age. Born October 12th.
Obtained:March 23rd, 2017

The brother of Euryhalia Nacreous, better known as the Charity Overking at Heaven College. He feels no envy toward his sister, mostly because being an Overking means she has more work to do. If there's one thing to know about Dauphine, it's that he hates work. He's incredibly lazy, often leaving for work half-dressed with his hair unbrushed. He does the bare minimum when it comes to teaching, just assigning students work or telling them to run around in the labyrinth and insisting experience is the best teacher. Because of his relaxed personality and dislike of grading he's a popular teacher, though not among the other staff. Fortunately for him his magical potency is enough to keep him around, if only because anyone eager to dispose of him would find he doesn't go down easy.

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