edge / f2u html's Comments

Using <3


Used this one for my profile! Tysm!


Using! Still putting together :D

using! I did a lot of edits tho just for learn new stuff and because I wanted a Demon Slayer theme for my profile If you want me to make it normal / change it please tell me!!

Here if you want to check! Right now I'm working on the part of the characters but won't change the code much https://toyhou.se/OkamiShuki

using this, it's awesome!

I’m going to use this code, it’s absolutely lovely<3

Might use this, it's such a good layout :]

Beautiful! I will use it

ima try to use it!

Love it! am defo gonna use!!

thanks so much!!! >< <3333

if i were wanting to add an image to the main info spot how would I go about doing that?

main info spot? do you mean under the "NAME" or above the two relationships? :0

yes, the background behind the "NAME"

not sure if this is what you meant, but this is what i did? if you mean to change the background from a solid color to an image, thats a different code!

yeah thats okay, i meant i wanted to change it from solid colour to an image, i will figure it out, thank you for the help though!

Love love love! Def using!

aaa tysm for the compliment and use!! <333 TT

oh I love this so much!! I'll def use it!

thank u and thank u for using!!! <33 :D

Absolutely using this, thank you so much for this lovely layout 🎡

thank u so much for using! 🎡🎡🎡

omg thats so cool

This looks awesome!

thank u!! so glad you like it :>