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Hello! I was wondering if I could buy a character on your selling account? Their name is slip! They are the grey with black face creature that has the blue tongue ^^ (Sorry I don’t know how to tag people on Toyhouse yet so I just commented here, sorry for the inconvenience)

Hey! sure thing :) How much are you offering for them?

It’s usd correct? I’ll offer 15$

Sure! That sounds great. You can send to my Paypal Me whenever you're ready and I'll get them transferred over to you!

Sorry for the late reply! I’ll send now!


No problem! Character transferred, thank you so much!

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Sorry for the fav spamming, I love these cuties ya got here! <3

Ooohmygosh lol thank you so much! Officially...never had that many favourite notifications on here before X'D You've broken a record //wheeze

Sorry for the favorite spam, I just love your characters!!

;asdlkfas no worries at all ;;V;; I'm so glad you like my babs! <33

Hello!! C:

Ah, fine thank you c:

Hi i was curious what your deviantart was?

Exact same name! ouo/ Akatix

Thank you ^^



hey ninja which is the watch button

im a noob all over again nuuu ;A;

The "SUBSCRIBE" button on the left hand of a persons home page ouo/

OH yes I see it thanks!

-gets a ton of notifications and faints-

8D Oh yeah. You hoped on at a fantastic time~ hurhur

Oh my i love your page!! Could you teach me how to do it??

Ahh thank you c: What would you like to know? Cause it's really just images put into the html description code XDD

I honestly i dont know how to do anything XD

XDDD well! On the bright side it's pretty simple~ So say if you wanted buttons that linked off to your deviantart account, you could easily just make a couple in Photoshop or whatever drawing software you have (even Word works in a fix) and upload them somewhere(I generally use sta.sh). Then you'd just go to that image and copy the image URL, so right click on it and get it from there - or download it and get the url there. Then all you have to do is go into settings here, and edit your profile page \ouo/ And big text box will have a little button for "insert image" or something of the like and you can just got that and paste in your code. There's also a super easy hyperlink button, so if you highlight your image and then put in your deviantart account url - tadaaaa you have a button \ouo/ Same thing basically for anything and everything else~ I totally didn't realize there was a button so I did it all in the source code XDD but if you aren't familiar with HTML toyhouse is pretty easy~ ouob I hope that helps!

Oh wow that is simple! Thank you so much!!!

Anytime~ >u